Friday, June 5, 2020

Dapat Maging Brutal? Sikat na Abogado, Dinepensahan ang Anti-Terrorism Bill!

Kung may ilang ngumangawa dahil isang pirma na lang ay batas na ang anti-terrorism bill, iba naman ang naging opinyon ng kilalang abogado at radio host na si Atty. Bruce V RIvera.
Sa kanyang social media post, ipinaliwanag niya kung bakit kailangan maging brutal ng nasabing batas. Inihambing din niya ang situwasyon sa ibang bansa kumpara s Pilipinas.

Many are quick to say the Anti- Terrorism Law of the Philippines is inhuman and outright despicable including two of our latest Miss Universe. So, to illustrate, let us compare our anti-terror laws with those of other western democracies.
AUSTRALIA (Catriona’s hometown)

-the state has the strictest anti-terror laws in the Commonwealth. The ASIO (Australian Secret Intelligence Office) can wiretap, do surveillance, arrest without warrant for a period of 14 days any person suspected of terrorism.
IF The ASIO is IMMUNE from prosecution for wrongful acts An Australian proven to be engaged in terrorism will be stripped of Australian citizenship if dual and if not, such persob will not be allowed to return to Australia.

GERMANY ( Pia’s paternal home)
-Germany has the strictest anti-terrorism laws in the EU. All the federal states can detain a suspected terrorist for 14 daya without warranf which a court can extend. Bavaria can detain to up to three months.
-the state can wiretap, hack, intercept call and texts and even place a malware to be able to fish information on any suspected terrorist. The state can alos deport any foreigner they suspect to be a terrorist WITHOUT QUESTION
-the police can designate so-called “black areas” and arrest anyoine in the area without warrant.
-the state can strip French citizenship without judicial action if proven that you have engaged in terrorism for dual citizens
-suspected terrorists will have a dossier entered in the database containing eveything about person including sensitive information. A suspected terrorist can be placed in a town-arrest. He is allowed to stay in a town where he or she is not allowed to leave and has to report to the police chief daily.
-Many states now allow detention without judicial interventiom. Any business records can be opened to track the flow of laundered money. Roving wiretap (drone wiretap) is allowed sans warrant. Many terror suspects are transferred to Guantamo and unrecorded. Detention does not have a time period.
It is the most sophisticated anti-terrorism law. It is called Detachment 88, a group of less than 1000 men who are doctrates, doctors, lawyers. No one really knows what they or they cannot a zàdo to terrorist because they only report to one person.
The state allows to detain terrorist for 28 days and four days without counsel. All modes of interrogation are allowed. Death of a suspect is usually not investigated.
14 dqys of detention to interrogate terrorists. Surveillance and wiretapping without judicial intervention to be able to be one step ahead of the terrorist.
If you think that is so inhumane for terrorists, the very same people who never gave children a fighting chance when they were brainwashed and recruited to fight a terrorists war, then perhaps, I am sorry that we have different values.
How many terrorists’s rights were violated compared to the number of you girls they targeted because they have OFW parents, brainwashed because the same terrorist already knew the angsts they are in, took them to the mountains for immersion only to impregnate them or put them in the frontlines likely killed as collateral damage.
There are so many girls who will not be Miss Universe because their life ended in the mountains of Leyte, Quezon Province or Agusan. Please help me explain to their mothers why junking the Anti-Terror Law is better because terrorists deserve more humanity than their sons and daughters.” sabi ni Atty. Rivera.

Source: Atty. Bruce Rivera