Wednesday, June 10, 2020

NPA Victim, Nagsalita laban kay Miss U Catriona Gray at Pia Wurtzbach!

Kung kamakailan lang ay naging laman ng balita ang pagsawsaw nila Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray at Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach sa isyu ng anti-terrorism bill, ngayon ay isang netizen ang rumesbak sa dalawa.
Binuweltahan ni Drei Toledo ang mga beauty queens dahil siya mismo ay naging biktima umano ng rebeldeng komunistang New People’s Army.
“Will the Universe answer and grant the true VICTIMS of TERRORISM some semblance of justice within this lifetime?

Dear Catriona Gray, Miss Universe 2018
and Pia Wurtzbach, Miss Universe 2015:

You both probably won’t even waste time reading this. I have reached out to your painfully insensitive Twitter posts using your Miss Universe platform to spread so much ignorance about the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020. It’s not that I expected for either of you to respond anyway. I’m aware beauty queens have canned spiels all the time. You have people managing you and training you to say this or that, whilst you wish to project to the entire world that you are both confidently beautiful with a heart, and that you wish to use your influence for the greater good.
However, how can you be sincere in all that when you have effectively used your platform to help CPP-NPA-NDF Communist-Terrorist propagandists to further oppress the REAL victims of CPP-NPA-NDF violence?
How can you be so cruel?
How do you sleep at night with your beauty masks and comfortable blankets of privilege after you ignorantly stab the real victims of terrorism in the Philippines with your cold stiletto heels of #JunkAntiTerrorBill propaganda posted all over social media?
Have you been accustomed to so much privilege that you no longer care about the real victims of terrorism?
Did someone gift you with something so incredibly expensive that you feel subconsciously indebted to suddenly echo that person’s #JunkTerrorBill propaganda?
Do you both think you suddenly sound so “enlightened” because you allowed CPP-NPA operatives exploit your influence to protect covert terrorists in the Philippines?
Did you naively think you could mask your crass materialism by posting #WOKE statements embedded and circulated by CPP-NPA-NDF Communist-Terrorist propagandists?
Do you even care about the countless child soldiers, the murdered targets, and the pedophilia and rape victims of CPP-NPA-NDF Communist-Terrorist leaders?
How can you be so blind and insensitive to all our pain and suffering?
Oh, is it because there are no more photo ops to be had? No more beauty pageant titles to win? No big advertisements and contracts to be gained?
I feel sad I even genuinely admired both of you and celebrated with all the Filipinos all over the world when you won the title of Miss Universe.
You are no different from the Oligarchs and the Deep State that fund and protect the untouchable leaders of the CPP-NPA-NDF Communist-Terrorist network.
You have sold your souls to the devil, and yet you look like angels. May God enlighten you. Truly. May you wake up from your deep slumber.


A True Surviving Victim of CPP-NPA Terrorism


Source: Drei Toledo | Drei Toledo




Anonymous said...

This bill if pass would be the new Makapili it would just kill more innocent civilians.

Anonymous said...

If you really know what the f*ck is happening then you should know how beneficial the bill is, Makapili? if you are not a terrorist then you don't have to worry about your safety. Bakit nga ba takot na takot tong mga Anak Bayan at iba pang rebeldeng Grupo? Kasi nga di na nila magagawa ung mga panunuligsa at pakikialam sa Gobyerno lalo na yang mga grupo na yan sila ang Major source of recruitment ng mga rebeldeng CPP-NPA. Pinaglalaban nila ang DEMOKRASYA pero sumasali sila sa KOMUNISTA! I konsidera ninyo ung mga pinatay at hinalay ng mga teroristang yan sa loob ng mahabang panahon. Ngaun na ang tamang panahon para tuldukan ang kalokohan ng mga yan! I cant make any comments on those 2 beauty queens, I know they are just another puppets.. At young ages of them para naman ganun na talaga nila kaalam ung mga sitwasyon na yan para patulan pa sila.

Anonymous said...

"Privilege" individuals will never understand the essence of this Law, actually you only need to ask two things about your self, Am I a Terrorist? (Had committed actual harrassments (i.e extortion, fake bomb calls), Ambuscades, Bombing, Assassinations, Raids) and do I support Terrorist Groups? (By recruiting others to take arms against the Government) If yes then you must surrender now.

roger adonis said...

Very disappointed with these two ladies...they don't know what they are talking about...or they have been brain washed by the cpp/npa/ndf

Unknown said...

Ladies pls. read Lucy Torres' posted speech about the anti-terror bill at least you will get substantial insights from her..

Anonymous said...

There are sections in the anti terror bill that I don't like but, I also know this bill will help the country fight better against terrorist.

If you are really concerned about the Philippines and the Filipinos yet afraid of innocent civilians getting hurt then your rally cry ahould be #Amendantiterrrorbill. Saying #junkantiterrorbill just shows where you ate leaning towards. Either that or your ignorant as fck.