Friday, June 19, 2020

Kris Aquino’s reaction after being mentioned at the ABS-CBN franchise hearing

“None. I didn’t see it…  I was busy doing a Zoom business meeting,” Kris said.

Kris’s name was dragged into the hearing when partylist congressman Mike Defensor asked ABS-CBN executives why didn’t they pursue renewing their franchise in 2014 considering Kris was their talent at that time and her brother Noynoy Aquino was the President.
Previously, Kris was also asked why ABS-CBN’s franchise wasn’t renewed during her brother’s time but Kris said she’s not the right person to answer that because she’s not part of the government.

“I wasn’t a member of the NTC, an elected member of Congress, a part of what was then DOTC. I am hopeful you will allow someone who has chosen to keep her silence knowing that anything she says can be misinterpreted to suit the negativity agenda of those who wish to only create more negativity, the peace she has fought hard to deserve,” she said

“If my answer didn’t satisfy you, I suggest i-tweet mo or post mo sa FB yung tanong mo sa KAPATID ko, himself. After all, hindi niya ako spokesperson,” she added.
In 2014, a franchise renewal bill was filed in the House of Representatives but it didn’t progress due to oppositions from the network’s competitors.
Since the start of the 17th congress in 2016 when it was refiled by Rep. Micaela Violago, it remained stagnant at the Committee level.

Meanwhile, in 2018 during the promo of their movie I Love You, Hater, Kris addressed why she doesn’t want to be connected to the ABS-CBN franchise renewal issue.

She said although she missed working with the Kapamilya network, she understands that the network wouldn’t want to jeopardize their franchise renewal because she’s identified with the opposition being Noynoy’s sister.

“I also know that their franchise is at stake. I’m being so honest. Diretsahan na yan so why would they risk it by giving me a show?”
“Especially na kahit wala naman kaming issue ni presidente, hindi naman ako type ng supporters niya. So naiintindihan ko kung bakit wala.”

Source: LionhearTV.Net