Saturday, August 29, 2020

Ilang Araw na pero Tahimik pa rin? GMA7, Tikom sa Clavio-Balabagan Isyu?


Ilang araw na ang lumilipas pero tila nanahimik pa rin ang pamunuan ng GMA network sa isyu sa pagitan ni news anchor Arnold Clavio at ni former OFW Sara Balabagan.

Magugunita na binunyag ni Balabagan nitong mga nagdaang araw na si Clavio ang ama ng kanyang anak na pangnanay at nabuntis daw siya ni Clavio noong 17-anyos pa lamanag siya.


Sa aming pagsisiyasat sa internet search engine na Google, wala pa rin news item ang GMA news patungkol sa Clavio-Balabagan isyu.


Kahit sa mismong website ng GMA network ay walang news article patungkol sa usapin.

Naririto po ang reaksyon ng abogado at media personality na si Atty. Bruce Rivera patungkol sa isyu.

“Does Clavio not realize that this is an issue that drills itself as a major thorn in Philippine journalism? Should media and its leaders continue being quiet and risk losing its credibility as the fourth estate when it chose to be blind when someone they see as their own is being alleged as having impregnated a traumatized minor he was covering as a journalist?

I am already part of media. And I would surely ask myself what moral ascendancy will I have exposing government corruption, human frailties, moral depravity and lament the decay of society if I have conveniently hushed an oppression of collosal implications perpetrated by someone covered with the same ethical standards as anyone who wants to call himself or herself a “journalist”.

So, before the Filipino people see the hypocrisy and destroy what is left of our integrity erroded by years of systemic flaws, media should take a stand against oppression and abuse of the weakest ESPECIALLY when the oppressor is our own.

In the .meantimd, the silence of all the politicians is beginning to sicken me.” sabi ni Rivera.

Source: Atty. Bruce Rivera