Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Tuso ang mga boladas? Lacson, Niresbakan ni PDU30!


Hindi pinalampas ni Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte ang boladas ni Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson tungkol sa naging pahayag niya sa Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA).

Magugunita na sinabi ni Pangulong na dapat magbayad ang mga Amerikano kung gusto nilang ipagpatuloy VFA sa Pilipinas.

“I would like to put on notice if there’s an American agent here, that from now on, you want the Visiting Forces Agreement done? Well, they have to pay. It’s a shared responsibility, but your share of responsibility does not come free. Because after all, when the war breaks out, we all pay. You, kami, we are nearest to the garrison there where there are a lot of arsenals of the Chinese armed forces… Kaya tandaan nila ‘yan. I hope they would understand that we are a nearest to a theater of war. Ang banatan diyan it could be submarines and aircraft carriers and all. Madadamay talaga tayo. I do not want to participate in any adventure of that kind, if I can help it. I am not against the Chinese, neither am I a — ako, hindi ako pro-American. I am just a Filipino government worker working for the interest of my country,” paliwanag ni Pangulong Duterte.

Ang paliwanag na ito ng Punong Ehekutibo ay agad sinakyan ni Lacson. Kuda ni Lacson hindi daw bansa ng mangingikil ang Pilipinas.

“Dear Sam,
This is refers to the statement, “You want the VFA? You have to pay”.

Just to clarify, please be informed that we are not a nation of extortionist, at lalong hindi kami ‘mukhang pera’. Err… hindi lahat.


Ang boladas na ito ni Lacson ay sinupalpal naman ni Pangulong Duterte. Ayon sa Presidente, tuso daw ang mga pahayag ng senador.

“You’ve been very cunning sa mga statements mo… Sabihin ko sa’yo na you have nothing to do with this. Use a language that will promote your person, human being. Hindi ‘yung basta-basta ka na lang mag-post-post diyan without really finding out whether you are part of it or not. I’m telling you, you are not. So next time, consult a lawyer in your office,” buwelta ni Pangulong Duterte.

Source: News5 | RTVM