Wednesday, November 24, 2021

19 Problems that can be solved by a conditioner that everyone should know


Hair conditioner has been known as an essential need in a lot of showers. However, there are other uses of conditioner that you probably do not really know about, and here are some of those:

  1. Shoe Care

Those white lines from snow and salt that usually appear on your shoes during winter months are really irritating. Try to apply a little amount of conditioner on your leather shoes beforehand and they will never be a problem again.

  1. Shrinkage

Have you accidentally washed your favorite wool sweater on a warm and not it is tiny? Just simply place it in a bucket that was filled with water and a tablespoon of conditioner. Once the sweater is fully doused, you can carefully stretch it out. Unluckily, this kind of trick does not always really work.

  1. Hand Wash Items

Those extra sensitive articles of clothing that can only be hand washed will love a little amount of your conditioner. You just have to make sure to use room temperature water and wash the fabrics really well before hanging them to in order to dry.

  1. Stuck Things

This kind of problem is really painful. Fortunately, we found a solution for you. Just try adding a little amount of your conditioner to the outside of your finger and twist the ring back and forth until it loosens.

  1. Make-up Removal

If you do not have anything else around your house, hair conditioner makes for a great make-up remover. Simply apply some amount of it to a cotton ball of a wash cloth and carefully wash away the day.

  1. Clean Make-up Brushes

Numerous people always forget that make-up brushed have to be cleaned on a regular basis. Hair conditioner can perfectly help you with that!

  1. Grease

Squeaky doors will be a problem in the future if you won’t fix them today, treat them with the help of conditioner and it smells will be much better the usual grease.


If your cuticles are out of control, you can actually use some amount of conditioner as a moisturizer before pushing them back again. It will make things much easier.

  1. Razor Gel

If your razor gel has gone missing, conditioner will actually do the trick and it will leave your legs smelling so good, too.

  1. Static Hair

If you have a fly away or static hair, simply rub a drop of conditioner between your hands and apply it on your hair. This technique can also help you in preventing frizzy hair in humid weather.

  1. Tangled Hair

If your hair looks like something has been nesting in it, them combine conditioner with water together in a spray bottle in a ratio of 1:9 and apply it on your hair while carefully combing it through.

  1. Room Freshener

The same mixture that was mentioned above also provides an amazing and wonderful scent to fabric, curtains and even furniture.

  1. Clogged Drain

Clear you clogged pipes by simply squeezing a portion of conditioner down the drain and washing it with warm water. It works like a lubricant and it will also clear the blockage away.

  1. Laundry Fragrance

If you have run out of dryer sheets, just simple squeeze a drop of conditioner in the dryer instead.

  1. Rust Protection

Polishing your tools with conditioner will actually protect them from the possibility of rusting.

  1. Skin Care

A squeeze of conditioner in your bath works like a bath oil, which moisturizes your dry skin and maintaining it soft.

  1. Polish

Conditioner can actually make a great polish for metal surfaces such as refrigerators, fixtures and even other similar items. You just need to make sure to go all over the surfaces with a clean towel after doing so.

  1. Remove Band-Aids

In order to save yourself from the pain of ripping off a Band-Aid, just spread a little conditioner around the edges in order to assist in loosening the stickiness.

  1. Stuck Zippers

A small amount of conditioner can actually help you in fixing stuck zippers. For those of us who have experienced “greedy” zippers that have attacked our clothes and skin, this will be a life saver.