Thursday, December 9, 2021

Film Director Manny Castaneda on BBM-Sara QC motorcade: I fear that a lot will take to the streets should BBM is disqualified


Film Director and veteran actor Manny Castaneda has shared what he saw in his crystal ball after noting the massive turnout of supporters in every rally and caravan of the BBM-Sara camp.


On Facebook, Castaneda says that should BBM is disqualified, his supporters will go out and occupy the streets to express their anger and this could be a huge headache to all concerned.

Based on massive turnout of supporters in every rally and motorcade, I fear that a lot will take to the streets should BBM is disqualified. This could pose a lot of challenges to all concerned.

Just an observation.

Castaneda’s FB followers seem to agree with his observation.

This is their revenge for being cheated in 2016. No to NPA enablers, regardless of colors, wrote one netizen.

Another netizen commented: That’s their only chance Direk! The option they used in 2016 is no longer possible with the players dead or gone. With the show of force by people, COMELEC would have a second thought to DQ him!

Agreed another netizen: True…. It will create a chaotic mass disaster. ☹️ Lupet!

tama direk,kpag na disqualified c bbm..cgurado mg rally Ang mga tao, added another.

And another: Chaos comes if BBM IS Cheated the 2nd time time around!

An optimistic netizen commented: dress rehearsal for bbm/sara victory yang mga caravan rally or people power new edition pag dinaya or na DQ si BBM.

No way that bbm will be disqualified ito na lng ginagawang paraan ng kalaban na di marunong lumaban ng patas, chimed in another.


This netizen is confident BBM will not be disqualified: just as Digong’s substitution issue in 2016 , was denied by the supreme court… SC would not want a constitutional crisis

Another netizen echoed the above commenter’s opinion: In the first place, there is no basis to disqualify him and most of the people who filed the petitions are members or allies of the terrorist group CPP-NPA-NDF. If there are people who should be erased from the political system, it’s them. And can you imagine comelec allowing those communist allies to run in the election still? Gago!


Source: Manuel Castaneda