Saturday, December 11, 2021

Look: Captain Nicanor Faeldon says BBM looks better by the day despite 34 years of relentless character assassination from Dilawans


Former Customs Chief Captain Nicanor Faeldon’s bold prediction in his latest FB post that a Marcos is set to return to Malacanang as next President whether the Dilawans and anti-Marcos critics like it or not.


Apparently, Faeldon made the remark in light of Marcos good showing in online and offline surveys and blockbuster rallies and caravans in different parts of the country.

Faeldon said after decades of relentless black propaganda against the Marcoses by the holier-than-thou, intelligent, rich and the elites of this country, BBM looks better by the day.

If the Dilawans lower their guards, Faeldon said BBM is going to be our next President. And 34 years of character assassination will be invalidated by the will of the people.

Faeldon’s FB followers jumped into the comment section to share their thoughts on Faeldon’s FB post.

you are right Sir Nick….i hope that once and for all, when he becomes President, he can vindicate his family…. and prove that he can unify this country..

Very well said Sir Nick and thank you very much. BBM Forever๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘


We agree with you Captain Nicanor Faeldon, may the Good Lord bless all the words you said to BBM ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป✌๐Ÿผ✌๐Ÿผ✌๐Ÿผ

Totoo yan sir hind kapanipaniwala mga binibintang sa kanya at kanyang pamilya sinira lang ng pekeng administration ni cory dahil inagaw lang kina apo lakay sa tulong ng mga oligarchs na mga kampon ng demonyo kaya naghirap ang bansa ymaman lalo mga oligarchs dahil hind nag babayad ng tamang buwis mababangon uli tayo sa bbm sara tandem

Si BbM lng ang kandidatong binugbog ng pintas at intriga BUT we never heard him fights back with them.. patuloy lng sya sa mga plataporma nya… Never din sya tumira sa knila

If indeed he was cheated for a win in the previous election , sometimes It is the Mysterious Ways of ONE who does things in HIS most perfect way and time ๐Ÿ™

As of this writing, Faeldon’s post has generated 3,500+ reactions, 343 comments and 229 shares in just 1 hour and growing.

You may read Captain Nicanor Faeldon’s original FB post below.

After 34 years of relentless character assassination by the holy, intelligent, rich and elite ladies and gentlemen of this country, he looks better by the day. And if you let down your charges in the next 5 Months, he is going to be your next president Holy Ladies and Gentlemen whether you like it or not. By then, all your rhetorics against this man will be invalidated by the will of the people.


Source: Captain Nicanor Faeldon