Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Gov't prosecutor warns lawyers who filed DQ petition vs BBM: The lawyers who signed that better be prepared for the ethics case. Read why!

Assistant Prosecutor Atty. Darwin Cañete of Caloocan, if I was not mistaken, has some bad news for lawyers who filed a disqualification petition against BBM at the COMELEC.


“Ansakit!” That’s how Atty. Darwin described the passages of the DQ petition against BBM because there was gross misrepresentation in a pleading submitted under oath.

Even if the petitioners will file an MR (Motion for Reconsideration), their act (gross misrepresentation) is already on record. Atty. Darwin warned the lawyers who signed the petition to better be prepared for the ethics case. Why? Continued reading below.

Ansakit nung passages sa DQ petition against BBM. Meron gross misrepresentation in a pleading submitted UNDER OATH.

Kahit mag-MR iyan. Nakatatak na yung pagsisinungaling. The lawyers who signed that better be prepared for the ethics case. Pang disbarment iyan.

Here are some of the comments of netizens who are in favor of the idea of filing a disbarment case against the lawyers who filed the BBM DQ petition.

It’s about time they pay for their lies and manipulation of the law. God is good.

That’s intellectual dishonesty. Atty. Theodore Te should be kicked out from his teaching post in UP College of Law!

Dapat ung supporters ni BBM should file a DISBARMENT case against these lawyers who filed the DQ case for such actions…Operation Counterstrike…kala nila sila lang may right to file cases which after all are invalid….and their ignorance of the law…

Yes! Disbar that legal mercenary Theodore Te.

Please Sana I push nyo po Disbarment Ng mga kasing utak ni Mema Madumb


At mga di basta bastang abogado mga iyan. I think this should not be “tolerated”, imagine masisira ang buhay ng isang tao dahil sa “misrepresentation”, Paano kung di nasilip ang ganyang misrepresentation ng isang abogado. How much more Sa mga ordinary citizen mangyari yan. Kung kilalang tao nga nagagawa mga ganyan, paano nlng Sa mga ordinary citizen.

However, some netizen doubts if these lawyers will be disbarred.

Malabo. Si Diokno e di man lang nakatikim ng suspension o disbarment nun gross misrepresentation niya sa mga mangingisda. Nasayang oras ni Calida at SC justices

I don’t think bbm sue them or file a disbarment case but the fact remain


Source: Darwin Cañete