Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Anti-Marcos Manila Bulletin writer is now urging DDS to support BBM, not Isko Moreno to stop Leni Robredo from winning


Did you known anti-Marcos but also anti-Leni Robredo Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu has repeatedly said months ago that she will lend her support to the Presidential candidate who has a good chance of stopping Leni Robredo from becoming the next President is now endorsing BBM?


ICYMI, Chu previously wrote an article urging the undecided and pro-Duterte to vote for Isko if he/she doesn’t like Leni and BBM.

What made Chu changed her mind and now asking DDS to choose BBM even if they are anti-Leni but not so much an anti-BBM is inconsequential.

You may now read Chu’s explanation.

To my fellow anti Marcos and anti Leni citizens, as they ask you to support other candidates, please hear me out:

I am sure Isko is a good person, but to eliminate Leni the vote cannot be divided.

Your vote must be given to the one person who can—once and for all—ensure that Leni and her toxicity will no longer be part of PH politics.

So to my fellow Duterte supporters who hate Leni but are undecided because they are anti Marcos, give your vote to BBM.

This doesn’t mean we will not continue to call out for the Marcoses to return the money, or for history to be revised and say the Marcoses were blameless, or no pillage of coffers or human rights abuses were committed— we will.

But FEM is dead and BBM is a different breed from his father—Leni however is still surrounded by the same corrupt people who are very much alive who have plunged the PH into being the kind of country who accepted trash from first world nations, who had leaders who allowed the cooking of shabu in our national jails, who allowed the proliferation of NPAs, who have allowed Yolanda victims to suffer for years.

Leni right now is already thinking of stopping the BBB projects in Manila and cannot even decide on NPAs and ELCAC with firmness. She is a credit grabber who is easily manipulated, and she will give Duterte’s head on a platter to the ICC.

BBM isn’t brilliant like his father, and that may be a good thing because we don’t want a repeat of the Marcos years, but his policies are solid— he will support ELCAC. He understands the value of BBB. He will protect the sovereignty of Duterte’s decisions as a leader and won’t give him up. He is supported and backed by Sara, the ultimate Duterte, and not just other Duterte groups.

We will be the buffer between the loyalists and the haters.


We have no love and loyalty for the Marcos name so we will go after him when he steps out of line, but with fairness and no vitriol the way the Yellows will.

To continue the policies of the Duterte admin, stand solid.

Not for BBM whom we do not even like, not even for Sara whom we do, but for the protection of the hard-won policies, groups, that PRRD fought hard for.

To give your vote for the one person who can finally and completely eliminate Leni, her party, and her toxic fandom—even when it hurts you, even if it completely goes against your belief, even if it pains you—is our sacrifice for this country that PRRD built.


Source: KLC Happy Thoughts and Cellphone Repair