Friday, February 11, 2022

Arnell Ignacio to Toni Gonzaga critics: If you do not agree with Toni's decisions in her life why attack her???


Toni Gonzaga, the very much maligned on social media by the supporters of BBM’s rival for openly endorsing the BBM-Sara tandem has found an ally in the person of Deputy Assistant to OWWA and also an actor Arnell Ignacio.

Credits to PTV News.

In a Facebook post, Ignacio confronted Toni Gonzaga’s critic to ask why they have to attack the TV host and actress simply because they do not agree with her life’s decisions?

Ignacio advised the critics to focus on the campaign for their candidate. He noted that the supporters of BBM’s rival has been making a lot of mistakes.

Ignacio reminded the critics of Toni Gonzaga the basic strategy in an election, which is to win more supporters. This strategy remains constant regardless of the platforms, whether it is new or not.

Ignacio said this is not the case of the supporters of BBM’s rival because instead of charming the Filipino voters, they either pick a fight with potential voters or silence those that do not share their political color.

An apparently befuddled Ignacio asked since when attacking or cancelling the supporters of the other political camp became an election strategy when the opposite should have happened?

Here are some of the comments of netizens below.

These yellows/ kakampink cry for freedom and democracy yet cannot respect people choices like Ms. Toni Gonzaga and Karla Estrada. They claim to be decent and religious to the point of being sacrilegious. Hypocrisy to the highest degree.We all have our different freedom and rights as a person and a citizen of the Philippines. All in all. Never forget to RESPECT EACH OTHERS CHOICE and OPINION. Having different political beliefs doesn’t give you the right to cancel or throw hate to someone. We should learn to respect everybody’s own decision. Let’s not act as if we all know the truth better than others. Just vote wisely and remain respectful to other’s lives, a basic human principle. God bless..

Totoo yan. Dahil sa kulay ng politika, nawalan din sila ng manners. At yung sinusuportahan nilang kandidato instead of pagsabihan ang mga supporters niyang abnormal eh mukhang tuwang tuwa pa. Kaya paano siya magiging leader ng bansang ito kung simpleng paghandle lang ng mga aroganteng supporters niya di magawa. Dziba?

You may now read Arnell Ignacio’s original FB post.


if you do not agree with toni s decisions in her life why attack her??? focus kayo sa kampanya niyo! ang dami niyong ginagawang mali eh. election to. kailangan mong dumami supporters mo. basic! napaka basic. hindi napalitan yan kahit bago na platforms sa kampanya. pinaka tema kasi ng kampanya niyo e mang away o patahimikin ang hindi ninyo kakulay. so kelan pa naging strategy yan para madagdagan ang kakampi sa inyo kung nilalait at inaaway ang dapat nililigawan niyo…


Source: DA Arnell Ign