Monday, February 28, 2022

Leni Robredo's statement during the DZRH interview regarding Ukraine as model in dealing with PH-China dispute boomerangs big time


During the Presidential interview hosted by DZRH, Leni Robredo was asked by Prof. Tonton Contreras regarding her foreign policy statement in light of the developments in Eastern Europe and Myanmar, particularly the Ukraine and Russia conflict. [Link here]


Basically, Robredo’s response was leaning towards using the Ukraine template in dealing with a bigger and far superior nation citing the Philippines-China dispute in the West Philippine Sea as an example. She said that Ukraine despite being a smaller country compared to Russia, it is holding its ground and willing to fight, despite the threat of invasion. Robredo credited Ukraine’s good and strong relations with allied countries as the reason it is possible for Ukraine not to bow down to Russia. That is why Robredo believed that the solution to the West Philippine Sea dispute with China is forging a strong alliances with allied countries.

Fast forward today, Russia has already started the invasion of Ukraine as per BBC report and Filipino netizens like Rachel Cue can’t help but recall what Robredo said about using the Ukraine template in dealing with the West PH Sea conflict – forging strong alliances with other countries to discourage China from going to war with the Philippines because of territorial dispute.

In the same interview, Robredo said she is not in favor of going to war against China as much as possible but she believes in putting up a credible defense by modernizing the AFP.

On Facebook, Cue wrote:


And how’s Ukraine now? Di ka talaga pwedeng maging Presidente. Instead of Angat-buhay, mukhang Agaw-buhay gagawin mo sa mga Pilipino. #ABL #NeverAgaintoDilawans #NeverToPinklawan

A Robredo supporter defended the Vice President, saying he did not see anything wrong with her statement.

Wala akong nakikitang masama sa sinabi ni VP Lennie dito. At Hindi din Basta basta titira ang china sa bansa. Kita nyo ang ginawa ng Indonesia sa barko ng china nung pumasok sa teritoryo nila binangga ng barko nila. Walang imik nman ang china. Masyado lang kyong mga duwag at makasarili.

Majority of Cue’s followers seem to agree with her FB post as shown in the comments below.

Is this the president that you want our country to have? You are shouting for justice of those people who got killed during martial law and blaming Marcos for what happened without even thinking that he was just trying to protect us from NPA. And here you are, supporting someone who’ll might jeopardize our safety in the future? This is not the president that will protect it’s people. We need someone with a brilliant mind and someone who will prioritize our welfare more than anything else. China is a sleeping giant subukan mong gisingin Leni Ng ma abo tayong lahat🤦

People kept saying that we should be like Ukraine. Russia has the same or if not a bit less military power than China and Ukraine has more military power than PH . But look at Ukraine now they’re begging their allies for help they can’t do much against Russia. The allies kept asking Russia to stop their military movement but even them are scared of Russia . They’re not sending military troops to Ukraine. What’s the point of having that much allies if in the end no one is helping with actions instead with words. US is cutting Russia’s economy but doesn’t help much. Be smart if we really beed to fight we will but do not sacrificed the life of million people for war that will only killed million of lives and destroy the whole country.


Source: Rachel Cue