Monday, February 14, 2022

SMNI News goes to Oxford University in UK to investigate BBM's Oxford Special Diploma


But before you watch the video from SMNI News, which was recorded and posted on Tiktok, please watch the video from Rappler posted in YouTube.


According to the Rappler reporter, BBM is a college dropout because he did not finish his PPE (Philosophy, Politics, Economics) degree and shifted to Social Sciences which he also did not finish, hence he just received a Special Diploma from Oxford. The Rappler reporter quoted Oxford University that those given Special Diploma were students who just reached their second year at the said university.

The Rappler reporter interviewed Oxford alumni and students who explained to him that BBM received Special Diploma because BBM failed in the preliminary exams which Oxford students need to pass and graduate. The Rappler reporter cited a BBM interview in 2016 admitting he failed, hence the reason why he shifted to another course.

The Rappler reporter said that despite shifting course, BBM did not finish his studies. Meaning, he has no degree and only received a diploma. He said a diploma is not a degree.

Another Oxford alumni said that BBM is a college dropout.

By the way, the Rappler reporter did not go to Oxford University to get his facts but interviewed Oxford alumni only.

Moving forward to the SMNI NEWS’ investigation regarding BBM Special Diploma, the news company sent their news team to the UK to do their own research and hopefully settle the debate on BBM’s Special Diploma.

Here’s what the SMNI NEWS team said about BBM’s Oxford education after visiting Oxford University in UK.

  1. BBM enrolled in 1975, taking up PPE (Politics, Philosophy, Economics)
  2. But to due the advice he received, he shifted to Social Studies course (Social Sciences today) which encompasses the studies of Society, Politics, Economics, Human Relations and other social subjects.
  3. Before you can attend a university in UK, student must demonstrate competence by passing the so-called A-level. In the UK, primary school lasts 6 years and secondary lasts 5 years. By year 11, the student must pass the GSCE Test in order to apply for sixth form or college exclusively for 16 to 19 years old. The GSCE Test comprises of at least 10 examinations. (According to my own research, after passing the GSCE Test, the student who wishes to pursue a university study, one must hurdle the A-level (advanced level). The A-level usually focus on academic subjects, which was the route chosen by BBM. You may check the link here for simpler explanation how this works. This is usually a 2-year program.)
  4. BBM finished his A-levels (College) at Worth School.
  5. BBM went on to enroll at Oxford after finishing his A-level education.
  6. According to certificate issued by Oxford, BBM finished Social Studies (Social Sciences at present) after 3 years, enrolling in 1975 and finishing in 1978. Based on SMNI’s investigation, a BACHELOR’S DEGREE in UK indicates the student has studied for 3 years, finished the course and passed the topics offered here. The award is determined by the grade obtained by the student. Currently, the students of UK are given a grade of NOT PASSED, PASSED, passed and so on and so forth. 1st is the highest grade.
  7. According to the Oxford certification issued to BBM, the presidential aspirant received a “passed” indicating he completed his bachelor’s degree in Social Studies.

Regardless whether BBM obtained a Special Diploma or a Bachelor’s degree, the SMNI News team concluded that BBM is indeed an alumnus of the prestigious Oxford University.

Recorded video from SMNI News and posted in Tiktok



Source: SMNI News




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