Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Ang laki ng sampal ng dalawang pisngi sa mukha mo - Pastor Quiboloy on Leni Robredo preaching about leadership and showing up


For the nth time, let me reiterate what Leni Robredo said in the CNN Philippines debate when asked about the importance of debates.


According to her, debate gives presidential aspirants the opportunity, even in limited time, to have their plans heard. The number one ingredient of leadership, aside from character, is you show up in the most difficult times. If you don’t show up in the most difficult times, you are not a leader. Even if it’s difficult, your presence is a must.

As soon as this Leni Robredo statement reached the ears of Pastor Quiboloy, he wasted no time in sharing his reaction on the matter.

As wise as he is, Pastor Quiboloy used Leni’s own words and slap it on her face, figuratively speaking, to make Robredo realize that her statement about leadership just boomeranged.

Pastor Quiboloy asked Robredo if her definition of leadership is showing up in the most difficult times, why didn’t she show up in the SMNI debate?

Pastor Quiboloy revealed about the Robredo camp arranging a meeting with SMNI about the debate. You see, you can speak like that but unfortunately your words backfired on you.

Here are some of the comments from netizens.

She’s a good actress and a comedian. Robredo should have joined showbiz and not aspire to become President. Having a weak mind, a weak leader and willing to betray the country to the West is unfit to become President, commented a netizen.

Dapat artista na lang pinasok nia wag na sya mag aspire to become a president. Di puede ang mahina ang ulo, weak leader, at yun ipagkakanulo ang Pilipinas sa mga puti. Ano eto Cory part 2? sayang ang 6yrs sau Leni gusto namin umayos ang goberyno at ang bansa na mas lalong umunlad after PRRD. di ka katiwa tiwala sa totoo lang. Magaling ka po magsinungaling promise!

So true.. Leni seems to be self righteous and full of hatred.. This is the impression of a netizen of Robredo. She said Robredo should focus on the problems of the country not on the Marcoses and its issues.


Focus on the problems of the Philippines po hwag po puro Marcos issues

This netizen had a good laugh because what Robredo said backfired on her.

Hahaha those thinkers are doers kasi they didnt even think that all words come out in their mouth against to BBM will backfire on them… actually KARMA is real…

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Source: SMNI News