Monday, March 7, 2022

Direk Manny Castaneda to church leaders meddling in politics: Konting delicadeza naman sana ng kahit pano ay magmukha silang kagalangalang


Movie director and veteran actor Manuel Castaneda aka Manny Castaneda is calling out some Catholic church leaders because of shameless abuses on the principle of the separation of the Church and the State.


Direk Manny Castaneda, which many Filipinos will agree, noted that the principle of the separation of the Church and the State is not strictly observed in the country.

For some reason, Filipinos have been very kind and patient with the Church meddling in government affairs.

But in this election, some Catholic priest has been actively leaning towards a certain candidate while attacking the candidate they don’t like. Castaneda is apparaently fed up with this because in his personal opinion, it has overstepped the boundary of what is acceptable, hence he is urging fellow Filipinos to the same.

Castaneda appealed to Church leaders to have some delicadeza, if they anything left, so that they will still have this aura of respectability to the laity.

You may now read Direk Manny Castaneda’s FB post.

It is obvious that the separation of church and state is not strictly applied in the Philippines. Somehow we have gotten used with the church encroaching in affairs of the state. However, there has been some abuses committed by some religious sectors. Masyado ng garapal! Konting delicadeza naman sana ng kahit pano ay magmukha silang kagalangalang.

Here are some of the comments of netizens from the thread.

This netizen felt sad that instead of doing their job as priest, they are promoting hate and divisiveness among Filipinos.

Nakakalungkot – instead on enlightening people on the virtue of gratitude and appreciation for us all who survived and are surviving this pandemic and prayers to those who prematurely lost to the sickness – they are actually sowing hate and divisiveness. Makes one question – are these really people of the Church they ought to be?

One netizen wants the Church to pay taxes.


Time for them to pay taxes direk Manuel Castaneda!

And another… Singgilin na yan ng taxes para kahit mamulitika, ok lang.Remove excemptions from taxes.

A third one confessed they have stopped going to mass because of the Church meddling in politics.

That’s why we stopped going to mass a very long time ago. They preach hate instead of love and forgiveness!


Source: Manuel Castaneda