Tuesday, March 29, 2022

International relations expert and SMNI Deep Probe panelist cites 4 reasons why BBM is her President


International relations expert and SMNI Deep Probe panelist Sass Rogando Sasot is pro-BBM and when asked by Kakampinks why?


Sasot cited 4 reasons why BBM got her nod to stop Kakampinks from further inquisition.

Basically, Sasot said that BBM has the best approach when it comes to foreign policy although she also admitted they have differences in terms of the US-RP relations.

Sasot called BBM the most liberal-minded among all candidates. Not liberal in the sense of Yellow liberalism but what she called right use of the Liberal philosophy.

Sasot went on to announce that if any Kakampinks foreign policy experts who wishes to debate with her about BBM’s foreign policy, she is just PM away.

Why si BBM? Sure.

1. My field is foreign policy. He has the best approach to it. Nonetheless, I have some differences with him in terms of understanding US-Phillippine relations. I am more aligned with Claro M. Recto, Duterte, and even Ka Leody’s understanding.

2. He is also the most liberal-minded among all the candidates. Liberal as in the right use of the philosophy ha and not this Yellow liberalism. One can glean it from his answers to moral dilemma questions asked to him in his interviews – not just on SMNI. Although I am more leaning ideologically towards Gonzales’s PDSP party. Gonzales and I simply had the same Nordic experience and exposure.

3. I had followed BBMs stance about the South China Sea conflict since he was a senator. It’s the stance that I fully align with.

4. Further, BBM is the most technologically and scientifically knowledgeable among all of them. Thus, he is set to be a modernizer President. I hope he would really use the full power of the president to do that to spearhead a scientific revolution in the Philippines.



Now, if there’s any Kakampink foreign policy analyst who would debate me about BBM’s foreign policy line, I will gladly take the challenge. Sabihin nyo lang kung saan at kailan.


Source: For the Motherland – Sass Rogando Sasot