Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Leni-Kiko's team hired photographer in Isabela campaign rally disputes 10K crowd estimate of News5, other local media outlets


According to the crowd estimate of News5 and other local media outlets, 10,000 people attended the Leni-Kiko campaign rally in Isabela. (Below was the photo used by News5 when filing the report that 10K people attended the Leni-Kiko campaign in Isabela.)

News5 said 10,000 people attended the Leni-Kiko campaign rally in Isabela.

Well, this is not accurate, commented a netizen who introduced himself as the hired photographer of the Leni-Kiko team for Facebook live feed coverage in the Echague, Isabela campaign rally. In addition, he is also the official media documentary officer of their municipality under the Information’s Office.

Philip Ceasar Canaria Cadabuna, the hired photographer, began by claiming the photo as his. He said the photo was taken as part of the municipal record for crowd checking purposes.

This is Cadabuna’s drone shot photo taken during Leni-Kiko’s campaign rally in Isabela from a different perspective.

Done shot video of the Isabela campaign rally of Leni-Kiko tandem, courtesy of Tiktok.

@zekemartinx Drone shot during LeniKiko Grand Rally in Isabela 🌷 #AwanTiSolidNorth #IsabelaIsPink #CagayanIsPink #fyp #letlenilead ♬ Liwanag Sa Dilim – Rivermaya

Cadabuna revealed they always take this kind of shot (drone shot) since they often host huge festivals in their town.

Cadabuna clarified he has no intention of destroying people’s reputation or whatever. What he wants is the truth. How could I make a report unless I have the actual crowd estimated shot? Cadabuna asked. Besides, numbers don’t lie he said.

Cadabuna revealed that his estimate was 4,000-5000 people in the Municipal grounds.

Cadabuna was puzzled where did News5 get their 10K, 20K, 40K crowd estimate!


Cadabuna shared another photo of his taken during either Bamboo or Parokya ni Edgar’s concert in the same venue, saying this is how 10K-12K crowd looks like from above.

Here are some of the comments of netizens below.

One netizen commented that she was not surprised by turnout of the crowd because March 18 and 19 is fast approaching, fiesta of Echague, Isabela so there are plenty of pre-fiesta activities, especially on weekends. It is expected people will descend on the event, especially when there are celebrities.

Ms MJ, magfi-fiesta kasi dito sa amin, sa Echague, Isabela ngayung 18 or 19 March kaya maraming pre activities sa Echague Bancheto lalo na pag weekends. Talagang dinudumog ng mga tao yan lalo na pag merong mga artista o sikat na singers/banda. Karamihan ng mga tao anjan sa “10k” estimate nila, ay hindi si Lenlen, este Leni ang pinuntahan kundi ang mga bitbit nyang entertainers na isang dozena. Magaling mag scout ng dates ang team nila, mabuti na lang January ginaganap ang sinulog, ati-atihan, dinagyang, black Nazareno, etc., kundi itataon nila kampanya sa mga lugar na yan at aangkinin ang size ng crowd.

Remember drone shots of people with minimal light like during night time are the easiest to manipulate digitally, commented another netizen.

This netizen reminded fellow netizens Loida’s favorite line…

Kasi naman daw sabi ni aling loida “it doesn’t need to be true , it only has to look like it “


Source: MJ Quiambao Reyes