Monday, March 28, 2022

Netizen chides Leni, Manny, Isko amid endless mudslinging vs BBM - Show people bakit ikaw, hindi yong bakit hindi sya


Noel Landero Sarifa, if you are a true Duterte supporter I assume you know this dude, wanted Leni, Kiko and Manny to answer some important questions with regards to BBM.


Although, the chances of Sarifa’s questions reaching its intended recipients and having them answered is very slim unless local media pick it up and relay it to the above-mentioned personalities.

Still Sarifa asked the questions anyway because having his persuasive arguments reach the supporters of the 3 presidential aspirants, his chances of dissuading some of them from believing all the misconceptions and lies about BBM that has been feed to them for ages is already a victory for him.

Basically, Sarifa’s arguments are simple.

If BBM is really an evil person as local media and the Opposition portrayed him to be, why he has the overwhelming support and love of the public as shown in the surveys?

Second, if the Opposition candidates are really good and brilliant and BBM is indeed the thief, what are they are afraid of? Are their brilliance not enough to match with that of BBM? Sarifa asked.

Sarifa wrapped up the FB post by urging BBM’s rivals not to fear BBM and engage in mudslinging. Instead, Sarifa advised BBM’s rivals to show the people why they deserve their vote and not why BBM does not deserve their vote.

You may now read Noel Sarifa’s original FB post.

Tanong lang..

Kung masama ang mga Marcos as they are portrayed by the media and the opposition bakit overwhelming ang pagmamahal ng taumbayan sa kanila? BBM is leading in all surveys.

Kung sila ang magaling at si BBM ang magnanakaw, bakit sila natatakot? Baka hindi enough ang galing nila para pantayan si BBM.

Kung tunay nga na para sa bayan ang adhikaing makatulong at kung sila ang nararapat, why so obsessed in stopping a Marcos comeback? Di ba dapat makikita ng taumbayan yun? O wala talagang makitang sincerity ang tao sa kanila? Ano ang meron sa pagbabalik ng mga Marcos na sobra nyong kinakatakot?


Kung magnanakaw si BBM, bakit pinayagan ng Comelec? Ilang dekada na yang public servant, ilang dekada nang binoboto ng taumbayan, bakit di maipakulong ng mga nagsisigaw ng magnanakaw? Why can’t you all provide your proof of evidence and bring it to court if your claims are valid.

Iba na ang panahon ngayon na dati one sided lang ang balita, social media has given us the option to see what is not relayed properly, wag kayong matakot at manira kung alam nyong kayo ang magaling at kayo ang karapat dapat, show people bakit ikaw, hindi yong bakit hindi sya.


Source: Noel Landero Sarifa