Wednesday, May 25, 2022

International Relations expert reveals new propaganda of Leni camp: Leni got 14M valid votes, would like BBM 31M votes declared stray votes


International Relations expert and SMNI Statecraft host Sass Rogando Sasot shared her observation with regards to the shift of the Kakampinks propaganda line after Leni-Kiko’s crushing defeat at the hands of the BBM-Sara tandem.


Really interesting that the propaganda line now of the Other side is this: Leni got valid votes, while BBM, who they still want to disqualify, got what they would like to be declared as stray votes. 14 million = valid. 31 million = stray. Mga pusang Gala!

Is Sass telling the truth? Or she is making this up?

Well, Ms. Sass is indeed telling the truth. Look what I found somewhere in the internet. Thanks to Goddes Hope Libiran for sharing this from Daily Tribune.

Ms. Sass’ follower reacted by laughing at the thought that the Leni-Kiko camp would like to declare the 31 million votes for BBM stray votes because he is DQ’ed from running for President in the first place.

Here are some of the annoyed reaction comments from netizens below.

One netizen reacted that what the 14m wants is baloney.

The 14M wants to speak for the rest of us? The 31M? Kalokohan.

A second wrote that the problem with Kakampinks is they have a different meaning for the word “CONCEDE”.

Wala kasi sa vocabulary ng mga The Pinks ang word na concede. Kakaiba kasi ang dictionary nila. Concede – meaning winner by 14M votes

A third said the Kakampinks can’t wrap around their heads how the hell all 31 million trolls able to vote.

Lahat na lang ng katwiran kanila. Bat di nila matanggap na kung talo, TALO. Di kasi nila maintindihan bakit nakaboto yung 31 million plus na trolls. Kala ko ba matatalino at edukado ang nasa kabilang parlor.


A fourth shared the different stages of mourning.

The pathway is Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance… They seem stuck in Depression and making a loop towards D-A-B and then Depression all over again… Mga dong at day, Acceptance na po. Medyo dangerous loop na yang ginagawa nyo. 😃


Source: For the Motherland – Sass Rogando Sasot