Monday, May 30, 2022

Jay Sonza on Karen Davila with Benjamin Diokno: Dito mo makikita kung gaano katanga ang isang announcer o program presenter sa telebisyon


On the much talked about Karen Davila interview with incoming Secretary of Finance Benjamin Diokno, retired broadcaster Jay Sonza can’t help but take this as an opportunity to remind aspiring broadcasters, TV host and news readers the importance of due diligence before opening their mouths, especially in front of the TV camera.


Sonza opened the sermon of sorts that in the Karen Davila interview with incoming Finance Secretary of the Marcos administration is the prime example when you can catch a TV presenter who is stupid, pretending to know it all but in reality, she is just an empty head.

You may now read Jay Sonza’s original FB post below.

Dito mo makikita kung gaano katanga ang isang announcer o program presenter sa telebisyon. Hindi lang boba, kundi nagpapanggap na may alam, samantalang, wala namang alam.

Moral of the stolry:

Mag-aral, manaliksik munang mabuti bago magbukas ng bunganga o bibig. Otherwise, the whole world will find out that you are as stupid as hell.

Meanwhile, a certain Angel Abella posted the transcript of the Karen Davila interview with Benjamin Diokno plus her side comments, which radio host Mark Lopez shared in his wall.

Karen Davila said: “I will make it simple, “Walang pera ang gobyerno! So you will be facing a lot of challenges as the new Finance Secretary of the incoming Marcos administration. So what is the plan?”

This was her premise when she shot her first question to Ben Diokno, anticipating that the former BSP Governor will make a litany of the failures of the outgoing Duterte administration.

But lo, and behold, her jaw almost drop when the finance genius answered:

– I had the benefit of having served the government for more than 30 years, and I have seen all kinds of crisis. I’ve seen worst of our economy, but we are in a better position now. Prior to the Duterte administration, we were heavily indebted, and had a hard time arguing with the IMF. Before, our foreign reserves will last for only 2-months atleast. But with the Duterte admin, we have at least 9-months worth of import reserves;


– Currently, we do not have a problem with paying our debts which is mostly domestic than foreign, and we are a net contributor to the IMF;

– The Duterte admin has the best tax structure than the previous admin that can help the Marcos leadership; –

– The Duterte administration is the golden years of infrastructure for our country due to the Build, Build, Build program where the government spent from 5 to 6% of the GDP, and gave us better airports, and better seaports that boost our international trading. It created jobs, high quality jobs, and expands the capacity to gain economic growth. This is unlike the previous administrations where the Philippines was branded as the poorest in infrastructure in Asia because they only spent less than 2% for infrastructure;

– Now we have the Public Service Act that is a 90-year program, allowing 100% foreign investments for big ticket projects like telcos, airports, subways and other similar projects;

– We have a standing 80 plus programs from the current administration that will be continued by the Marcos leadership.

– We have a goal of achieving a 70% digitalization of all transactions, and the like.

Finally, Ben Diokno said, that we have plans for the economic future of the country, and we will be ready.

And then suddenly, Karen Davila lost her glow, and showed her true face.

I am just confused, why Karen and her kind, like that woman hosting the Mangahas Interview, are so eager to see the government fail.

Are they not Filipinos?

Don’t they live here?


Source: Facebook