Friday, May 27, 2022

Stop trying to be relevant, you are not - Jay Sonza to Ms. Karen Davila after her tweet criticizing PBBM's Cabinet appointments lately


On Twitter, Karen Davila made a series of tweets criticizing PBBM’s Cabinet appointments.


The first tweet of Ms. Karen Davila expressed exasperation of a PBBM appointment made on the 25th of May 2022.

Did a quick search on Google and I found out that the appointment of Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles as PCOO Secretary has just been announced on the day Ms. Karen Davila made the above tweet. In fairness, she did not mention names but her followers on Twitter insinuated she was referring to Atty. Trixie.

One netizen replied to Ms. Karen Davila’s tweet and after reading his tweet, my suspicion that Atty. Trixie’s appointment was the trigger that ruined Ms. Karen Davila’s mood.

In a follow up tweet, Davila urged PBBM to start fresh by hiring the best people to his Cabinet.

In that regard, retired broadcaster Jay Sonza took to Facebook to tell Ms. Karen Davila to stop trying to be relevant because in reality, she is not. He added that Ms. Davila is a lightweight in terms of intellect and ability of Marcos nominees. Sonza barked at Ms. Davila to park herself.

Karen Davila, stop trying to be relevant, you are not. Wala kang binatbat sa utak at abilidad ng Marcos nominees. Park yourself!

Here are some of the comments of the FB followers of Jay Sonza.

One netizen wrote Ms. Karen Davila thinks highly of herself and was expecting an appointment by the invite never came.

Aray ko….feeling nya kse pinakamagaling na sya pero wlang kumuha sa kanya

A second netizen agreed with the commenter that Ms. Karen Davila thinks she is superior that everyone else but in reality, she is just an arrogant fool but can’t hold a candle when compared with PBBM’s appointees.


Karen is feeling better than anybody else! In short hambugerang walang binatbat

A fourth netizen said that indeed the saying empty cans can really make a lot noise perfectly applies to Ms. Karen Davila.

Korek sir jay, the parking girl wants to be relevant,….but sir empty cans really make a lot of noise🤣


Source: Jay Sonza