Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Lawyer's wicked response to Catholic priest who told Marcoses on Twitter how to regain integrity of family name goes viral


A netizen who used the profile name FrNongnong (real Catholic priest) on Twitter sermoned the Marcos family, especially Senator Imee Marcos and of course PBBM about regaining of one’s name which starts with admission of guilt. Followed by asking forgiveness from the people who have suffered. Then pay P203 estate taxes and other debts. And finally, accept history as written and correct the lies spewed.


FrNongnong posted his brief sermon to the Marcos family in response to Senator Imee who was quoted by Philippine Star when asked whether PBMM will call Malacanang Palace their home.

Senator Imee Marcos told reporters that there has been no decision yet if PBBM and his family will live in Malacanang. What is important is that the Marcos name will be redeemed, their family name, the legacy of their father will be revisited and studied thoroughly.

And talking about Malacanang, not to sound a braggart, Senator Imee Marcos remarked they’ve been there and than that so basically, to live in Malacanang no longer thrills the Marcoses. They had lived their long enough, Senator Imee Marcos said.

FrNongnong’s tweet did not fail to get the attention of Atty. Darwin, a rabid anti-Dilawan social media influencer who is a fiscal by day and a Dilawan hater on his free time.

In a very brief FB post, Atty. Darwin replied that BBM won without doing anything what he just said how to regain the integrity of their family name. Simply put, BBM’s win was a big middle finger to him.

BBM won without doing any of that. So that’s the big FU to you right there.

Atty. Darwin’s response to FrNongnong has amused his FB followers. In 48 hours, it generated 4,400 reactions (half of which were laugh emojis) 563 comments and 116 shares and counting.

Netizens quickly jumped into the comment section to express their opinion in regard to the FrNongnong’s tweet.

One netizen strongly disagrees with FrNongnong on the Marcoses having to correct the lies spewed for them to regain their integrity.

They’re the ones spewing lies, using the pulpit.

A second netizen compares FrNongnong to the Pharisees of Jesus time.


They are like the Pharisees in the Bible who have forgotten Jesus’ teachings – Render to Ceasar what is Ceasar & to God what is God’s. The days of Padre Damaso interfering in PH politics must end & we as voters have the power to stop them. 🇵🇭✌️👊

And finally, a third netizen reiterated Atty. Darwin’s statement that BBM’s win was a big middle finger to the likes of FrNongnong who believed the Marcoses are guilty of sins and yet the 31M still gave him a super majority win.

A BIG FU indeed to the narrative this moron so believed as gospel truth.


Source: Darwin Canete