Monday, July 25, 2022

Retired AFP General lectures UP Diliman Economics Professor because he said the Philippines is not an agricultural country


This is awkward!

A UP Diliman Economics Professor in the person of JC Punongbayan has been lectured by a retired AFP General on social media for his assertion that the Philippines is not an agricultural country.


Here’s what Punongbayan said ad verbatim on Twitter that merited a lecture from a retired AFP General.

Punongbayan went on to cite data why he arrived with such conclusion.

Moving forward, retired Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade Jr. was actually interacting on former Agriculture Sec. Manny Pinol’s rebuttal via Facebook to Punongbayan’s tweet the previous day. [Link here]

Parlade opened by taking a swipe at JC Punongbayan and fellow intellectuals who thinks they are superior to the rest of the population because they have masters and doctoral degrees tucked under their belts.

Parlade wrote that degrees are nothing if you cannot translate this to situational understanding. Even if you are a Summa Cum Laude, you will fail in the real world if that knowledge does not produce sound decisions.

Parlade, being a career military man, said that in the military, even indecisions will lead to casualties in the battlefield or even mission failure.

Parlade urged Punongbayan to google Cognitive Hierarchy.

You may read Lt. Gen. Parlade’s original comment este lecture below.

Mag lecture ako kaunti JC Punongbayan para dun sa nagaakala sobrang talino nila dahil sa dami ng masters at doctorate.

Those degrees are nothing if you cant translate that to Situational Understanding. Kahit Summa Cum Laude ka babagsak ka sa real world if that knowledge doesnt produce Sound Decisions.

In the military even indecision will lead to death to your troops or mission failure.

Google Cognitive Hiearchy. That should tell you about being knowledgeable or being smart.

Start at bottom of a triangle. Data. Raw data when synthesized gives you Information. Useful? Maybe.

Try integrating all those Info you have then maybe you can have Knowledge. Do you stop there? No. Dami mo na degrees so magaling ka na?

No. You move on to the peak. Synthesize and integrate those knowledges, theories, with actual experience and immersion and you will see your country as an agricultural country, and that those poor farmers need your support.


Thats Situational Understanding.

Class dismissed.


Source: Facebook