Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Retired broadcaster Jay Sonza to Maria Ressa: 'Walang pake ang Pinoy kung mabulok ka man sa bilangguan'


Rappler’s Maria Ressa was quoted saying that if she goes to jail, the Filipino people will lose far more than she does.


Maria Ressa’s statement raised the eyebrows of Pinoy netizens, including retired broadcaster and now YouTuber Jay Sonza.

In a Facebook post, Sonza posted his indifferent reaction to Maria Ressa and reminded her that she is a convicted criminal.

Sonza agreed with Ressa that she will surely go to jail because she was convicted by a competent court beyond reasonable doubt.

In addition, the Court of Appeals also upheld her cyber libel conviction so going to jail is a certainty.

That being said, Sonza told Maria Ressa the grim reality regarding the Filipino sentiment of her going to jail and that is? Filipinos don’t give a damn or care if she rots in jail.

Maria Ressa, according to Jay Sonza, is not the Filipino people’s lose if she goes to jail, especially people who who was found by court to be a criminal.

Jay Sonza’s FB post was quite popular among Pinoy netizens, generating 15,000+ reactions in just 20 hours and counting.

Below is Jay Sonza’s original FB post.


You will surely go to jail because you were convicted by a competent regional trial court beyond reasonable doubt that you libeled a private citizen and businessman keng.

You appealed your case once before the lower court and once before the Court of Appeals. In both instances, your culpability as a criminal was proven and that the sentence/penalty has been increased on appeal.


Walang pake ang Pinoy kung mabulok ka man sa bilangguan.

Hindi kawalan ng mga Pilipino ang mabilanggo ang katulad mo na isang napatunayan ng korte na isang kriminal.


Source: Jay Sonza