Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Jay Sonza chides journalists making huge issue of unannounced home visits by cops in civilian clothes


JP Soriano of GMA News took to Twitter to complain about the unannounced visit of police in civilian clothes in his house to ask journalists like him how they are doing and if there is a “threat” to his safety in the wake of the murder of radio block timer Percy Lapid.


JP Soriano’s tweet quickly went viral on Twitter, generating 10,500+ likes, 3,336 retweets and 902 quote tweets in just 2 days since posting and counting.

In a follow up tweet, JP Soriano clarified he is not making an issue of the PNP’s intention to help and secure his safety which is something he appreciates personally, but how the PNP managed to get his home address.

While it is true that JP Soriano’s tweet was popular among his Twitter followers, not all netizens are a fan or agree with his drama, including retired broadcaster, TV host and journalist Jay Sonza.

In a Facebook post, Sonza remarked that journalists in Metro Manila are cr@zy!

Why? Because they called on the Marcos government to ask for protection but when the government responded to their call and do what is proper like conducting background check via the PNP, they are angry!

Sonza defended the PNP’s action to pay a home visit to know the best way to help them. The police needs to study how they can best protect journalist, including but not limited to the immediate threat from their community, your pattern and association with possible threat.

Sonza can’t help but ask if there are things that should not be known to the police like skeletons in their closets?

Are they afraid the police will discover they have sugar mommy, sugar daddy and what not; member of the syndicate or allies with the communist; closet LGBTQ in real life; they have secret lives? Sonza asked.

Sonza rebuked journalists who are making a big issue of the PNP personnel doing their jobs and yet when something bad happen to one of their colleagues, they are quick to pin the blame on the government.

You may now read Jay Sonza’s tirade versus the journalist.

Buang din itong mga journo sa Kamaynilaan.

Mananawagan ng proteksyon sa gobyerno, tapos kapag ginawa ng pamahalaan ang nararapat, kagaya ng background check ng pulis sa pamamahay at buhay nagagalit kayo.

Natural pupuntahan at aalamin ng mga maykapangyarihan kung paano kayo tutulungan. The police will study how they can best protect you, including but not limited to your immediate threat from your community, your pattern and association with possible threat.

Bakit sir/mam? Mayroon bang hindi dapat malaman iyong mga pulis tungkol sa mga skeleton in the closet ng mga reporter, announcer, news editors & producers?

Takot ba kayong mabunyag kung may mamasan, sugar daddy, kabit o kulasisi; miyembro ng sindikato o kaya ay kaalyado pala ng mga komunista; bakla o tomboy pala sa totoong buhay; at iba pang milagro sa buhay?

Ayaw ninyo ng ganito, subalit kapag namatayan kayo, gobyerno ang sisihin ninyo na kesyo kulang sa media protection.

Ay, ambot na lamang!


Source: Jay Sonza