Friday, December 20, 2019

9 in 10 Filipinos face 2020 with hope — Pulse Asia

A large number of Filipinos will be facing the new year with hope, according to a Pulse Asia survey released Friday.

The poll found that 93% of Filipinos said they will face the year 2020 with hope while 7% were undecided. Some 0.2%, meanwhile, will face the coming new year without hope.

The positive sentiment is the same across all geographic areas with 95% in NCR, 90% in balance Luzon, 98% in Visayas and 95 % in Mindanao. Majority figures were also recorded in all socio-economic classes with 97% in Class ABC, 93% in Class D and 91% in E.

The poll firm noted that hopefulness became more pronounced this year among those in Class E following a 15-point jump from the previous 76% in December 2018.

Meanwhile, nearly half of Filipinos expect the coming Christmas to be more prosperous for them and their families.

The same survey found that 48% of Filipinos see the coming holidays to be more prosperous while 41% said it will be the same as last year and 11% said it will be poorer than last year. Among geographic areas, Mindanaoans recorded the highest hope for the coming Christmas festivities with 57%, followed by NCR and balance Luzon with 48% and the Visayas with 38%.

About 68% of those coming from Class ABC said their Christmas will be more prosperous this year.

The survey was conducted from December 3 to 8 using face-to-face interviews among 1,200 adult respondents. The poll has an error margin of ± 2.8% at the 95% confidence level.