Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Palace hands off rape allegations against Quiboloy

Malacañang yesterday distanced itself from the rape allegations against President Duterte’s friend and religious leader Pastor Apollo Quiboloy.

Quiboloy, founder of Kingdom of Jesus Christ the Name Above Every Name, has been accused of rape by his former follower, who also claimed that she had experienced forced labor when she was a member of the group.

The alleged rape victim has also accused him and four others of qualified trafficking in persons and child abuse. Quiboloy’s camp has denied the allegations, dismissing them as part of a “grand conspiracy” against the religious leader.
Asked to comment on the accusations against the pastor, presidential spokesman Salvador Panelo said: “That should be a private matter involving the pastor. We will not intrude into that private domain.” Panelo said Quiboloy’s closeness with Duterte would not affect the charges against the religious leader. 
“The rule of law in this country always prevails regardless of who are involved,” he said.?It was not the first time Quiboloy was accused of criminal acts. In 2018, a former follower of Quiboloy accused him of running a “child sex ring,” an allegation that the pastor’s camp dismissed as a “a pack of lies.”
SOURCE: www.philstar.com