Monday, December 2, 2019

London Bridge Terror attack, Election fray

Britain's Boris Johnson said Sunday (Dec 2) he had ordered the security services to step up monitoring of convicted terrorists released early from prison, prompting accusations that he was exploiting the London Bridge attack for political gain less than two weeks before elections.

The prime minister revealed officials were scrutinizing about 74 people with terrorist convictions who had been released early from prison like Usman Khan, who left jail last December and went on to stab two people to death in Friday's rampage.

"It's not lenient policies that are to blame, it's the destruction of the probation service that is supposed to monitor and supervise prisoners after release, & rehabilitation services," he said on Twitter.

Police said, however, there was no information to suggest a link to Friday's attack.

"I think there has to be an examination of how our prison services work and crucially what happens to them on release from prison,

British media said he was a former associate of the London Bridge attacker and had been jailed alongside Khan in 2012 over a plot to bomb the London Stock Exchange.

Critics hit out at him for appearing to politicize Friday's attack - including the family of victim Jack Merritt, who said he died "doing what he loved".

Khan, a participant in the initiative during his imprisonment, attended the event armed with two knives, stabbing five people there