Monday, December 2, 2019

‘Unbreakable’ OFFICIAL TRAILER 2

UNBREAKABLE - Angelica Panganiban and Bea Alonzo star a best of friends who goes through a challenge in their friendship.
Mariel (Bea Alonzo), her best friend, is hurrying to reach her friend before it is too late.

Sadly, throughout the film, it always feels like the film simply does not deserve their skill, that their gift for gestured acting is wasted in something that is just so addicted to larger-than-life encounters and blatant expressions.

As a feature film, they’re all noise that render its theme of unbreakable friendship woefully artificial.

One rainy night, Deena (Angelica Panganiban) attempts to take her life by jumping into a pool with the purpose of drowning herself.

Screenshots from YouTube/ABS-CBN Star Cinema Mae Cruz-Alviar’s Unbreakable has one goal in mind, and that is to make its viewers cry.

In small servings, this can be entertaining but if an entire film is drowning in faux gravitas and snarky sarcasm, it can get quite grating and torturous.

The film evolves into something more sordid, with Mariel marrying into a wealthy clan whose matriarch (Gloria Diaz) sees her as an unwanted invader, leading to troubles to test a friendship that supposedly stands the test of time.