Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Hindi Ako NPA Supporter! Angel Locsin, Bumoladas kay Sen. Sotto!

Umalma ang Kapamilya actress na si Angel Locsin matapos i-like ni Senate President Vicente “Tito” Sotto III ang isang social media post kung saan inaakusahan si Locsin na supporter ng New People’s Army (NPA).
“I saw that you liked this tweet… I will never support terrorists, nor will I ever support any kind of violence… You have the right to like any tweet. And we have the right to voice out our opinions. I hope we don’t get tagged as terrorist for doing so. Thank you,” boladas ni Locsin.
Si Locsin ay isa sa mga personalidad na tumutol sa anti-terrorism bill na kung saan principal author si Sotto.
“It’s as good as passed. It will just need my signature if it comes back to us after ratification then I will transmit to the President… I suggest they read the bill first before reacting. Terrorists or their supporters are the only ones who will be afraid of the bill,” sabi ni Sotto noong dinidipensahan ang panukalang batas laban sa mga kritiko.
Nagsalita na rin si Presidential Legal COunsel Salvador Panelo laban sa mga kumokontra sa panukalang batas.
“Not only is such advocacy a falsehood, it is cerebrally challenged. The critique against the anti-terrorism bill is not only biased, lacking in intellectual insight and oblivious of the monstrosity and the grave infinitesimal consequnces the terrorism has brought to the world,” buwelta ni Panelo.
Dapat na matandaan na hindi itinuturing ng panukalang batas na terroristic activities ang mga paglalabas ng hinaing laban sa gobyerno.
“Provided that terrorism, as defined by this Section, SHALL NOT INCLUDE advocacy, protest, dissent, stoppage of work, industrial or mass action, and other similar exercises of civil and political rights, which are not intended to cause death or serious physical harm to a person, to endanger a person’s life, or to create a serious risk to public safety.”
Source: ABS-CBN | News5