Friday, June 12, 2020

Human beings are the worst when it comes to this sick mindset

Human beings are the worst when it comes to this sick mindset: For as long as it's not them that all these countless Communist-Terrorists use and abuse, they're all okay with it because "it's cool" to wear a hammer and sickle logo or a Che Guevara cap and t-shirt, and pretend they're all badass revolutionaries.

To me, this is how everyone opposing strong Anti-Terrorism Laws sounds like:
"Oh, so you survived 2 decades of rape and murder attempts perpetrated by NPA terrorists? Suck it up. The NPA sadistically tortured and murdered your own mother?? So what? Oh so your NPA parents and other NPA relatives steal millions from religious funds and use it for covert CPP-NPA activities while pretending to be religious teachers and religious leaders? Well...I don't care. I still support #JunkTerrorBill online campaigns because I fucking love NPA terrorists who rape their own children and kill their own wives who betray the Communist Party."

This is the sad part of human reality, and godless Communist-Terrorists know this only too well: Human beings are selfish. Communist Termites play up your baseless fears and use your blind ignorance and sheltered arrogance, and mercilessly turn you into their #WOKE human shields to mindlessly protest for them.
And you're absolutely bloody okay with it for as long as you're not their direct victim.