Wednesday, July 1, 2020

"Commonplace ang Rape sa NPA" Kahayupan ng mga Rebeldeng Komunista, Binunyag!

Ibinahagi ni Presidential Communication Operation Office (PCOO) Undersecretary Lorraine Marite Badoy ang pahayag ng ni Bae Magda, miyembro ng Mamanwa tribe sa Surigao.
Tinalakay ni Magda kung paano siya naging bahagi ng New People’s Army at kung paano siya nabiktima ng panggagahasa sa loob ng kilusan.
“Bae Magda, a member of the Mamanwa tribe of Surigao, became a member of the NPA (the armed component of the terrorist CPP NPA NDF) at 14 years old.
Here she talks about sexual opportunism, rape, sexual harrassment committed on IP girls as young as 12 (even younger). And she says this is commonplace.
These rapists are non-IP men who invade the ancestral domains of the gentle IPs and exploit the innocence and trusting nature of the IPs.
Will Mary John Mananzan, someone CPP Committee Members Teddy Casiño and Carol Araullo describe as a “pillar of activism in the Philippines” denounce this NPA atrocity?
She is Chair Emeritus of GABRIELA, a front of the terrorist CPP NPA NDF after all. (Accdg to Joma Sison himself.)
This group that claims to champion women’s rights.
Will Gabriela, for that matter, denounce what any decent, non-terrorist human being denounce-the rape of girls by NPA cadres, getting scores of them pregnant and then throwing them away like disposable trash?
I challenge them.” sabi ni PCOO Usec. Badoy


Source: PCOO Usec. Lorraine Marie T. Badoy