Friday, August 21, 2020

British national sinagot ang mga kritiko ng Pangulo na humingi ng Pruweba kung talagang buhay pa ang Presidente!

 A British national named Malcolm Conlan couldn't hide his utter disgust at  critics of President Duterte who are making 'unreasonable' demands from the President.

In a Facebook post, Conlan opened by giving netizens, from his personal perspective, a peek how Brits like him behave toward politics and their politicians.

"In all of my adult years in the UK, I have NEVER seen any of our Prime Ministers or any world leader for the matter, have to show any personal photo of them eating with their family, just to prove they are at home or in the country!!! Our PM can be gone for days or unheard of and nobody bats an eyelid."

Conlan found it utterly shameful how some Filipinos treat President Duterte like demanding some kind of proof whether he was in the country or even alive.

"I find it utterly shameful that there are some in the Philippines who want some kind of proof that President Duterte is in the country or even alive for that matter. What is wrong with these people? Shame on them!!!"

Conlan lamented the shallow-mindedness of such people whom he accused of age discrimination. He defended President Duterte, saying even if he is already in his 70's does not mean he is incapable.

"Such age discrimination, such shallow minded people. Just because President Duterte happens to be in his 70’s, doesn’t mean he is not capable! He is a sharp as a knife and still perfectly able to run the country extremely well. Oh, and he knows the cost of a sack of rice and in fact is fully aware of every matter of government."

Conlan said it's a shame that these sad, insecure and unpatriotic people are wishing bad things against the President to pave the way for their return to power.

"I can just see many in the opposition rubbing their hands with delight, praying for his downfall or demise. Shame on these sad, insecure, unpatriotic people."

Conlan ended the FB post saying that no matter how Duterte's critics wish for him, he is protected, loved and cherished by many Filipinos.

"President Rodrigo Duterte is very much alive and well, no matter what his enemies wish for him, he is protected, loved and cherished by so many. The President was simply in Davao with his family!!! Surely anyone is allowed a holiday right?"