Friday, August 21, 2020

Davaoeno ibinulgar sa Publiko kung sino ang taong nasa likod ng Pagpapakalat ng FAKE NEWS ng 'Duterte's secret trip to Singapore!'


Well, if this Davaoeno was correct, we now have the prime suspect behind the 'fake' news spread by the dilawans on socmed that President Duterte secretly flew to Singapore for a medical check up.

In a Facebook post with the title, 'THE GHOST FLIGHT', Monching Lumantas from Davao City, exposed the identity of the purveyor of fake news and and his benefactor or benefactors.

I hate playing the spoiler's role, so without further adieu, I would like you to continue reading below and let Lumantas do the storytelling for your entertainment.

Meet the man who started the 'fire', the purveyor of the 'fake news' on the President's alleged medical trip to Singapore, and guess who he is working for!

To make it more believable, this 'idiot' publicly posted on his FB page three(3) days ago, details of the aircraft model, the flight plan and even GPS tracking systems reminiscent of a classic James Bond movie.

This 'moron' did not mention the name of the President in his post but he made a big blunder. He coined the phrase 'jet ambulance' in the latter part of his post.

The question is , who else is he referring to with all the brouhaha about the President's health and the 'perpetual isolation' issues? The timing of his post was bad and very obvious.

This 'ignoramus' had to make a scenario complete with all the classified information he can get from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAAP) and the Presidential Security Group PSG). He made it appear that he had access to the air traffic controllers inside the CAAP and a 'mole' in the PSG. Now, that is more incredible than the blockbuster films 'White House Down' and 'Olympus Has Fallen.'
It is 'crystal clear' to any sane and decent human being that the motive of such 'fake' story is to mislead the public, create civil unrest and eventually steal the Presidency.

Again, the Opposition is getting desperate and this is a part of the grand conspiracy to proceed with their Oplan 



Just like in the movies "it is bound to FAIL and the HERO wins."