Tuesday, March 2, 2021

"EDSA destroyed many" People Power Celebration, Binira ni Lt. Gen. Parlade!


Sa kaniyang social media post, nilahad ni Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade ang kaniyang naging karanasan noong kasagsagan ng EDSA People Power Revolution. Naniniwala ang heneral na peke ang kabayanihan ng mga Aquino na isinulong daw ng mga oligarchs.


“We just celebrated EDSA People Power. To me its wrong. We should commemorate it for all its fakeries but not celebrate. History written by the victors of EDSA blinded us of the real agenda of the Liberals prior to EDSA. The fake heroism of the Aquinos was propagated by the oligarchs who were resurrected by the former. It was easy because they had the money; they own the major TV and broadcast stations; the newspapers; and publishing companies. They own our schools, wrote our books, and school manuals. They had a complete line up of talents and artists to portray themselves as heroes and heroines. The only thing they didnt own was our soul,” sabi ni Parlade.

Binunyag din ng opisyal ng militar ang sinapit ng kasundaluhan matapos mailuklok ang Aquino Admnnistration.

“I was then a young cadet in PMA Class of 1987 and we were in full battle gear, ready to reinforce the rebel soldiers holed up in Aguinaldo and Crame in Feb 1986. Good thing we didnt have to go down as the Ramos camp and rebel forces under Col Gringo proclaimed victory. Did I honestly know what was going on? No, we were being trained to become soldier-officers who follow orders so we were there.


Fast forward to 1987 our year of graduation, we saw our idol senior officers extremely disappointed with the Cory government after the release of CPP Chairman and founder Jose Ma Sison and other top ranking CPP NPA leaders. This was made worse with the entry to cabinet of communist members. In short, it wasnt so difficult for Gringo’s team to convince many of us to join them in overthrowing a government, which was, in the first place, not a legitimate one installed by an election. As a young 2LT I found myself a member of the Young Officers Union (YOU) in Mindanao which became a component of the RAM SFP of Gringo Honasan’s group.

As fresh graduates we saw the pathetic condition of our soldiers. 2 sets of tattered uniforms, a pair of worn out boots, dilapidated military vehicles, poorly equipped formations, and led mostly by corrupt commanders. I will have my entire civilian life writing about this when I retire from the service.

Going back to EDSA, in retrospect I am convinced it should not have happened. It did not restore our democracy. It made it worse. In fact, we are what we are today because EDSA destroyed many of our established democratic institutions and processes. The integrity of a democratic election was first to suffer. The Cory govt junked many of the good programs we had during the Marcos years, including mass transit (double decker buses, PNR, Pasig River), central govt spaces in QC were replaced by squatters (later they will be called informal settlers, hence decriminalizing squatting), Asia’s best hospitals, airports, and even nuclear energy etc.

What about rice production and agriculture? Cultural arts and sports? Gintong Alay ended up being gintong alak. We lost all of them. The significance of separation of church and state was also trivialized.

The defense dept lost its Self Reliance Devt Prog. Instead of exporting our radios, multi rocket systems, mortar munition, small caliber weapons (because we were almost there leading among Asia’s military), still we import all of these now. We lost our capability to defend ourselves and gave our modernization fund to education, health, etc.

The worst part is that the EDSA victors sustained the lies by justifying that Marcos has to be removed for its excesses, especially after the declaration of Martial Law. What these victors will not tell us is what they did from 1968 until 1971, the collusion they had with the muslim seccesionists, and Joma’s CPP and NPA, which lead to fighting in Mindanao in the 70’s, the attacks, violence, and bombing of utilities in Manila, the Plaza Miranda bombing by the CPP NPA, the Palanan Isabela NPA arms landing, all of which forced Marcos to declare ML. In short, the Marcos govt was framed up into declaring martial rule as an exigency for state survival.

So 35 years after EDSA we are still the sick man of Asia. If not for this administration who believes that this insurgency has to end now, we will see another 50 years of communist strife. We may not realize it but Joma Sison’s protracted warfare kept us at bay, neither winning nor loosing this conflict, to the detriment of our nation’s progress and unity. To this day we are a divided country because of this. 50,000 or more dead from conflict yet we are numb to this reality already. Many more of our children will suffer from this conflict because of our apathy. Why? We see the enemy in congress, some of them are our friends, many are in govt, the church, in our schools and they look harmless.

They talk peace with us yet they only have their revolution in mind. They advocate for human rights but they are the worst human rights violators. Now we dont know how to deal with them, until the PRRD administration came.

Going back to EDSA revolution, i say it was a fake one. If it was a real revolution, a bloody one like the French revolution, the German unification campaign, or the US civil war, then we should have been a unified nation now. We never had anything like this, Filipinos vs Filipinos (those wars vs Spain, US, Japan are not included here). So we took for granted this bloodless People Power uprising, like we took for granted the 50,000 killed by the CPPs protracted warfare. If we had one it would have hurt us at the start as a nation, but in the long haul it will be good for the country. What is worse, we didnt realize that OTHER nations MANAGED our conflicts for us so it will LAST LONGER, keep us poorer, more UNSTABLE. PRRD realized this, hence their hatred for him. I would say the NTF ELCAC was just a step towards the realization of our unity as a country,” ani parlade.

Source: Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade