Friday, June 18, 2021

ICC Prosecutor, Idineklarang Terorista ng US ayon kay Senator Tolentino



Duterte Government allay Senator Francis Tolentino on Thursday, June 17, hit the validity of International Criminal Court (ICC) boss investigator Fatou Bensouda after the last looked for a proper examination concerning the supposed killings carried out under President Duterte’s “war on drugs”.


“I still have some doubts as to the official credibility of former prosecutor Fatou Bensouda’s ICC recommendations announced hours before she retired from ICC last Tuesday (June 15,2021).We should note that previously Madame Bensouda was included in the SDN (specifically designated national) list of the US government under President Trump . Besouda as a US designated “terrorist” was considered as a threat to US national security and foreign and economic policies and though a former bank manager, her financial transactions and those dealing with her were blocked by the US Treasury. How can she during her tenure objectively conduct an investigation when some members of the international community considered her as persona non grata for terrorist links? A lot of questions will have to be answered first whether a retired prosecutor can still recommend the prosecution of a head of state of a non Treaty of Rome signatory,” said in an explanation.

Tolentino alluded to the order gave by previous US President Donald Trump, which distinguished Bensouda and another senior prosecution official as SDN (specifically designated national), gathering them close with fear based oppressors and drug dealers.

Last April 2, in any case, President Joe Biden lifted the US sanction against Bensouda.

Source: MB | Senate Ph