Thursday, June 17, 2021

Si Pacquiao ang may Plano at Puso para sa ating Bansa! - Senator Koko Pimentel



Para kay Senator Koko Pimentel, mas maganda kung mag-deklara na ang kapwa senador niya na si Manny Pacquiao kung tatakbo ito sa 2022 presidential elections. Naniniwala din si Pimentel na si Pacquiao ang dapat na maging susunod na presidente ng Pilipinas.

“He has been preparing for this possibility. He has many ideas and he has been explaining many of his ideas as his program of government and there are many people from different sectors of our society and different socio-economic classes who have pledged support to him… For what position di ko alam (I don’t know) but they are there, consulting with him, telling him their problems, sharing with him, dialoguing with him… This is the leader that we need, the president that we need. Number 1, he is one who has a plan for the country, who has the right heart. It’s time to look at the heart eh, in the right place, the right motivation, the right feelings and emotions… I think he will be a good choice of the party to push for President,” boladas ni Pimentel.

Narito naman ang reaksyon ng ilang kababayan natin matapos ibahagi ng university lecturer na si Sass Rogando Sasot ang balita sa kaniyang social media page.

“Because he is an excellent boxer, an actor/singer wannabe, a failed basketball player/coach/owner, he is very popular he will bring Philippines back to 3rd world hell hole.”


“Manny should put his hard earned money on better use. His chances of winning is almost nil.”

“That statement said everything… Pacquiao is the President needed by politicians who has no chance to win as president, that’s why they want a president that they can influence and manipulate to work for their own agendas… I have respect for Pacquiao as a boxer, philanthropist, but as politician, not so much..”

Source: MB | ABS