Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Watch! 'Walang Squatters kung ako Presidente' - Pacquiao


Representative Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao pledged to end hunching down in the event that he becomes President.

He promised to fabricate regions and structures for vagrants.


“Kung ako maging presidente 4-5 years wala kang makikitang squatter sa buong Pilipinas. Lahat magkakaroon ng sariling tahanan. Lalo na yang Metro Manila. Lahat ng squatter magkakaroon sila ng tahanan – condominium o subdivision. Wala silang babayaran kahit piso. Hindi ako nag-sasabi dahil nagpapa-impress ako sa inyo, nag-papa-impress ako sa mga tao. Ginagawa ko na po yan sa iba’t-ibang lugar, specially dito sa Saranggani Province.”

He said that he knew how it is to be poor. “I slept in streets. I experienced hunger. Rich people avoided me because I smelled bad,” he said in Filipino.

Pacquiao added that he needs Filipinos to recall him not as a boxing champion but rather as somebody who cherished the country.

“I want to be an inspiration. That’s the legacy I want to leave to the people,” he said.

Pacquiao is in General Santos City preparing for his battle with American Errol Spence Jr. in August.


The congressperson said that he will choose what post to look for in October, the cutoff time of submitting endorsements of nomination.

Another difficult he said he needs to tackle is defilement.

“I will eradicate corruption in government offices,” he said. “For what reason would we say we are poor? It is a direct result of defilement.”

Last week, President Rodrigo Duterte scolded Pacquiao for condemning his position on China. The President advised the congressperson to consider.

However, Pacquiao said communicating in English isn’t a proportion of knowledge. What is significant, he pushed, is love of country.

Source: Tune in kay Tunying | Manila Times