Thursday, November 25, 2021

Look: Travel Magazine publisher whose family has been historically Yellow since 1985 writes defends BBM from "criminal and thief" accusations


As BBM leads all the surveys, whether online or in traditional social weather surveys among the presidential aspirants for the 2022 polls, the attacks from the Dilawans and the usual anti-Marcos forces using rehashed black propaganda and accusations like BBM is a “criminal and a thief” proliferates on social media.


Amid this noise from the Dilawans and anti-Marcos forces create, in the hope of stopping another Marcos from returning to Malacanang as President, BBM has found an unlikely ally, in the person of TraveLife Magazine publisher Christine Cunanan, whose family she says are historically yellow since 1985.

You may now read the original FB post of Ms. Cunanan and comment down below and tell me your opinion of what she said.


This was the question someone asked me yesterday. For the record, I have very little ties to the BBM Camp, I have not made up my mind about a candidate, and historically my family has been Yellow since 1985 — way before most people, so I grew up personally knowing all the original and true Yellows including Cory herself.


However, I’m bothered by the tendency of the Yellow mob to lump their grievances and accusations about Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos on BBM after 30+ years.

BBM is the son — he is a first-degree relative of a president 50% of the country intensely dislikes and 50% loves.

So this election is really a battle of two factions trying to get into Malacanan with their own agendas rather than the battle between good and smart vs. bad and stupid that so many Yellows simplify it into.

Like him or hate him, the fact is, BBM is not the criminal and thief people so quickly accuse him to be — unless Yellow lawyers prove his actual wrongdoings to us with hard facts, evidence and even a court case of BBM’s actual and direct theft of public money. Not his father’s.


Otherwise, it’s just a sound byte that’s way too easy to resort to instead of the truth.


So many families undergo bullying, accusations, ostracizing and acts of vindictiveness simply because they are related to alleged criminals. This is nothing new, especially in the emotional Third World.

However it’s important to distinguish an alleged criminal from a family member of an alleged criminal. The former is an active participant in wrongdoing while the latter is a beneficiary of the wrongdoing.

There is a world of difference between the two, and the Yellow Camp had better do their homework and find something better than resurrecting a dead father, or their credibility is sinking every day.


Lastly, may I remind everyone that our Constitution guarantees our right to innocence until proven guilty.

This is happening to BBM now but it can happen to anyone else in the future, especially if the Yellows return to power.

I saw for myself between 2010 and 2016 what they did to so many people who were figuratively stoned in public before they were actually found guilty of anything.


Just look at PGMA’s case. Like or hate her, it was a violation of her rights as a citizen of the Philippines to be held for years in jail without an actual case formed against her or a trial.

Again, our Constitution guarantees every citizen the right to a fair and speedy trial and this did not happen for PGMA because her Constitutional rights were ignored.

This double standard is the height of indecency for supposedly decent people.


Decent people don’t go to church, take the moral ground and then judge other people for their differing beliefs. They also study the real facts so that they don’t falsely accuse others.

Most importantly, justice has no color. A son is not responsible for the sins of the father (if this was so, at least 50% of Manila elite will be in jail or social purgatory), and we cannot apply one set of ethical standards to those we like and another set to those we don’t.

Not to mention the fact that all this superior morality from people who pray and then bend the rules for people they don’t like is really grating on the nerves….


Below are some of the positive reactions of netizens to Christine Cunanan’s FB post.

Well said. My two cents. I’m over with these vindictive politics. Each side may have a point. It’s a never-ending cycle and we should put a stop to this Marcos vs Aquino narrative. The media is also guilty of infusing hate, as this is what makes the news interesting (and profitable). It’s time we focus on the future. We can all move on to a more unified and progressive Philippines.

Exactly the sentiments of few people who are not judgmental! Well said ! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

Same thoughts and you always write it so honestly decent ๐Ÿ™‚


Source: Christine Cunanan