Friday, November 26, 2021

What presidential candidate in their right mind would agree to do something like this? - Former After Image vocalist on Leni Robredo's campaign gimmicks


The vocalist of the popular 1990s band After Image Wency Cornejo, singer-songwriter of the immortal song “Habang May Buhay” has some serious commentary on Leni Robredo’s hadouken-inspired campaign Tiktok video and Superwoman comic book but ended up making some netizens laughing.


As of this writing, out of 1,500 reactors of Cornejo’s post, 1000 netizens hit the laugh emoji button on Facebook.

Moving forward, Cornejo remarked that Leni Robredo isn’t bad per se but the people behind her that terrifies him.

Cornejo asked what Presidential candidate in her right mind would agree to do something like this? Cornejo inserted the images of Robredo’s latest campaign antics very recently for context below.

Cornejo wrote that Leni agreeing to do such cheap political stunts only prove she is not actually thinking for herself.

Whether Leni’s supporters admit it or not, it seems to Cornejo that Leni is being toyed around by whoever were behind such stunts.

Which Cornejo remarked are exactly these things are, political gimmicks to get public attention. Make Robredo looked like funny.

In other words, Cornejo said, Leni Robredo is, “ambot”, a Bisaya expression which literally means, “I don’t know”.


Netizens seem to agree with Wency Cornejo’s FB post as shown below.

Puppet talagang maituturing that she does without complain whatever is ask of her. Scary indeed!

Ayun din nga naiisip ko eh. Bakit niya hinahayaang mag mukha siyang ka tawa2? Eh walang may gusto nun eh. Lalo na kung tumatakbo kang presidente!

Even her supporters dismayado sa mga pinaggagawa nya. She’s really a puppet of LP, sunod lang ng sunod sa ipapagawa sa kanya kahit mag mukha syang engot. Kung matalino sya at nasa katinuan ang pag-iisip, why would she allow stunts like these? She just showed gaano sya ka plastic just to win the votes of the Masa. She just proved how poor her judgement with these gimiks that made her a laughing stock and a weak kind of a leader.

Of course, not all netizens agree with Wency Cornejo’s FB post and commented:

Hi Wency. These are not from Leni’s Camp. These materials actually are detrimental to her therefore not from her. For Leni campaign materials and authentic reports, please visit VP Leni Robredo Facebook Page. Thank you.

To which Cornejo replied: So deep fake yan? She did not let herself be video-ed for these? Sorry pero baluktot ang logic sa sinasabi mong since it’s detrimental to her campaign, therefore, hindi galing sa kanyang camp.

The Robredo supporter replied: yes not her her Wency. Quality palang and content is not promoting. Why spoil yourself? Definitely this isdone by a maninira. This is so out of character . So it wpuld be best for all to check who the candidates really are from legit sources. Let us be guided sensibly.

Cornejo commented back: again, video yan eh. Yung nag hahadouken sya. So ibig sabihin mo deep fake yan talaga? Wait, you do know what deep fake is noh? Do you? And the komiks is not from them? Kinda hard to believe kasi kung di galing sa kanila, eh di super ingay ng tinatawag na 3%.

Watch the video Cornejo was talking about below.


You may now read Wency Cornejo’s original FB post below.

Ito yung sinasabi kong Leni herself isn’t really that bad but it’s the machinery behind her that scares me. What presidential candidate in their right mind would agree to do something like this? It only shows how she is not actually thinking for herself. Aminin man ng supporters nya o hindi, para siyang pinaglalaruan ng kung sino man ang nakakaisip ng mga pakulong ito. And that’s what exactly these things are. Pakulo lang. Papansin. Pinagmumukhang ewan. In other words, AMBOT!



Source: Wency Cornejo