Monday, December 13, 2021

Highly respected political strategist offers brilliant explanation regarding the blockbuster motorcade of BBM-Sara tandem


The highly respected political strategist Malou Tiquia has offered a brilliant explanation regarding the huge crowd attending the political rallies and motorcades of the BBM-Sara camp, regardless of the presence of the tandem.


Ms. Tiquia began by calling the attention of PRRD to listen to the message the people are sending, which is the base has shifted to BBM-Sara and it is solid. Of course, Ms. Tiquia did not fail to credit PRRD for starting the movement in 2016.

Ms. Tiquia went to dismiss insinuations by envious critics that crowd was paid. She asked critics to enlighten her as to how to pay such large crowd at operational level.

Ms. Tiquia said the huge turnout of crowd in BBM-Sara caravan can be explained in psychology, specifically crowd psychology.

As to criticism regarding the supposed “madness” of the crowd, Ms. Tiquia said this is better understood as the power of collective identities that the crowd embodies. She went on to quote a certain Turner to explain the emotionality of the crowd who said that the “crowd is precisely the adaptive mechanism that frees human being from the restriction of, and allows them to be more than just, individual persons.”

Ms. Tiquia also responded to Sara supporters expressing concern about Sara as the only green amid the sea of reds to not worry because it was by design. Here’s how Ms. Tiquia explained in her own words.

“In a sea of red, there is one green (or a few greens) and that is by design. The optics are masterful because it is Duterte-Carpio, daughter of PRRD, female, 43 years old, a lawyer and a Mindanaoan making a strong case for BBM, namesake of PFEM, male, 64 years old, social studies (from Northern Luzon). The caravans are often along bridges with the background of the countryside. “Sama-sama, babangon” is all about unity and rising up. A united team in Philippine politics has never been seen before…”

Ms. Tiquia ended the FB post to explain why the QC motorcade was a rousing success.

In QC, the crowd was in the heartland. 🇵🇭

As of this writing. Ms. Tiquia’s FB post has generated 10,300+ reactions, 1,200 comments and 1,800 shares and counting.




Source: Malou Tiquia