Thursday, December 30, 2021

Manila Bulletin writer slams Leni Robredo for blocking her from OVP page for sharing video of her talking about electric current


Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu has cried foul on Facebook after she was blocked by the official FB page of the Office of the Vice President for sharing a video of the Vice President on her FB wall.


By the way, the said video was about the Vice President talking about the story she heard from Governor Yap of Bohol about their difficulty in rescuing constituents stranded from their flooded homes because the “ELECTRIC CURRENT” was so strong that to prevent them from being swept away, they had to hold on the nipa trees at the roadside.


Chu asked her FB followers to imagine somebody running for President blocking ordinary citizens like her for criticizing Robredo?

Chu argued that as a taxpayer, she has every right to know what the Vice President is up to, even when she does not like or support her.

Chu reckoned this is just a preview of what a Robredo presidency would do to critics and criticism.

You may now read Chu’s original FB post below.

I only shared VP Leni Robredo’s Lives yesterday, where many people caught her saying “malakas yung electric current kaya kumakapit sila sa puno,” I didn’t even comment anything on her live. I just SHARED it.

Tapos ngayon people can see her Live on my page but I can’t. Blinock ako. I can no longer access the @Vp Leni Robredo page.

Can you imagine somebody running for President blocking regular citizens—sabihin natin I’m a critic, why would you block access to a critic?

First she blocked me on her personal page which is okay because that’s her personal page, but the OVP page is a publicly funded page and I am a taxpayer.

It is her duty to let me know where my taxes go, and it is my right as a citizen to know what my VP is up to, even when I don’t like her or support her.

Behold a preview of how Leni Robredo deals with critics and criticisms. Grabe ha, that’s a publicly funded page. The OVP receives P900M a year. My taxes help pay for the salaries of the admin of the page, and yet they just block people who they don’t like.

I don’t even comment on her wall. I don’t even comment, period. I have never gone to her wall to criticize her. I shared her video just twice yesterday.

Ayaw sa diktador pero hindi kaya ang Malayang pamamahayag?

Where and when can I get my Nobel Prize?



Source: Krizette Chu