Tuesday, December 14, 2021

You won't be able to change my mind especially by insulting me and my ilk - Wency Cornejo to netizens urging him not to support BBM-Sara tandem


ICYMI, former After Image vocalist Wency Cornejo did announce on Facebook he is for BBM-Sara tandem despite expressing misgivings about BBM. But since he is supporting Sara for VP, he is left with no choice but to support BBM because he does want the PRRD-Robredo drama to be repeated in the next administration.


After announcing his support for the BBM-Sara tandem, Wency Cornejo complained getting flooded with comments on his FB wall urging him to support their tandem and drop the BBM-Sara tandem.

To put an end to this madness and discourage people he does not even know from trying to influence his decision to support BBM-Sara tandem, the former After Image vocalist returned the favor by appealing to these people to him alone since he is already 99% sure of his decision he will support the BBM-Sara tandem.

Netizens wrote encouraging words to Wency Cornejo for chooing the BBM-Sara tandem over their rivals.

Haters are losers. Get lost! We, the supporters of BBM SARA uniteam, are 💯% here to stay.

perfectly said !!!we have our own freedom to choose and decide ✌✌👊💚🙏

I really don’t know with these people…aawayin ka pag UniTeam ang choice mo… tapos iinsultuhin ka pa, eh di naman sila inaano sa choices nila..

Sir you’re confident in your stand because your pick is leading in all survey.Opposition are desperate to change people’s mind because they are desperate to get more votes to shift on their side.

agree with you Sir Wency. Hayaan niyo sila mga desperado na kasi yang mga yan! hahaha

Below is the original FB post of the former vocalist of the alternative rock band After Image.


Kung idol nyo si Manny, fine. Kung bet nyo si Leni, go. Kung type nyo si Isko, sige lang. Kung pabor kayo kay Lacson, dun kayo. Wala akong problema dyan pero kung di nyo type ang Uniteam ni Sara at BBM, wag na kayong umapela sa mga post ko dahil choice ko yun at 99% nang set ang utak ko. You won’t be able to change my mind especially by insulting me and my ilk. Dun kayo ngumawa sa mga sarili niyong wall. The ambot is strong in me!


Source: Wency Cornejo