Friday, January 7, 2022

Leni Robredo’s confusion on nerve and vein on her latest live draws laughs on social media


A Tiktok video of Leni Robredo talking about the struggle of the medical practitioners in finding the “nerve” in her wrist and after several tries, they moved to the elbow (ventral) area and finally succeeded in finding the “nerve” and gave her IVF (intravenous fluid).


The said video has been drawing laughs on social media, even among non-medical practitioners.

Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu talked briefly on Facebook that medical professionals have been messaging and tagging her about Leni Robredo’s confusion on nerve and vein on her latest live.

Chu also narrated about her doctor friend having a good laugh at Leni because she was confused about the difference between a nerve and a vein. “Ano yan acupuncture?” Chu’s friend asked.

Chu admitted that for the once, she won’t make a comment because she is also clueless when it comes to this.


Leni Robredo’s blooper has been a huge hit among netizens who are anti-Robredo. In fact, out of 6,500+ reactors on Chu’s FB post, 5,000 of which hit the laugh emoji.

Here are some of the comments of netizens in reaction to Leni Robredo’s blooper.

We have to be grateful to Leni coz we are learning about a lot of things in different fields…- in natural science; the difference between water current and electric current- in Philippine geography; the low tide and the very, very high tide of it- in international finance; the difference between rupiah and saudi riyals- in human anatomy; the difference between veins and nervesAno kaya ang susunod na lesson?

In a lighter vein, at least she has the nerve to run for President, in spite of her anemic mental circulatory functions where the veins in the brain is connected to the nerves in the mouth and tongue resulting to combobulytic pronouncements that electrifies our nerves triggering blood pressure to our veins.. .at magpalpitate ka sa kaiinis to the point na stress ang nerves mo at nakita mo ang paglubo nga veins mo.

parehong Ugat kasi sa tagalog ang Vein at Nerve. eh tagalog ang word processor ng utak ni Mama, for example, “current” auto-translates into “koryente” ⚡ then “koryente” is Englishized back into speech and becomes… Electric Current. Zapp‼⚡

My God Leni…. Yung Nerve – ang dumadaloy jan madam! Electric Current! Yung Veins – Water Current! Our body has an estimated 1,700 veins and 1,600 nerves.

it only proves that she’s not capable of leading a country, imagine she’s at the UN speaking about how to run a nation and being asked by other delegates. Nah! oh please spare us.

You may watch the video by clicking the link below.


Source: Tiktok