Friday, January 7, 2022

Socmed influencer says Erap was a butt of jokes back in the day like Leni Robredo now but Pinoys did not find Erap irritating like Leni. Read why!


Before Leni Robredo became the butt of jokes on social media for the wrong reason, there was Erap because of his “english”.


However, if you asks social media influencer MJ Quiambao Reyes, the comparison ends here.

According to Reyes, while Pinoys makes fun of Erap’s “english”, he was not hated for it. The same cannot be said of Robredo, said Reyes.

Below is the explanation of MJ Quiambao Reyes below why she said so.

Before, people can fondly joke about Erap’s “english” but not really hate him for it. Why? Because, at least, Erap never really positioned himself as someone smart or eloquent. Basta “Erap Para sa Mahirap” lang ang claim nya.

Now, people often laugh about Madam Fuchsia’s statements na may kasamang inis at konting kutya. Why? Because aside from her endless criticisms and uncalled for remarks against this admin & this admin’s supporters, her PR team & supporters are trying helplessly to project her as someone bright & maverick (which, sadly and obviously, is not really the case).

Here’s how netizens react to MJ Reyes’ assertion on Robredo why netizens are annoyed of her.

Savor the time Leni is around to give us endless tears cum laughter to entertain to our heart’s content. Soon the entire watchful nation will miss her. Her shows are best before May 2022..

Pilit talagang binibenta nila na matalino (with eyeglasses and books as props) at maka-Diyos si #Lenidoro (with priests garbed in pink), eh sablay naman sa interviews dahil walang sense at logic, at panay batikos at paninira sa kapwa, na pati plataporma ay tumakbo lang para kontrahin si BBM.



Every time she speaks, she’s incoherent. Nakakasakit ng ulo. Kaya yata nagkaubusan ng pain reliever. She’s not fit to be a top leader.

Madumb is a born joker… She makes fun of herself by making pronouncements she doesn’t seem to understand… Her pr personnel will have a very hard time covering up for her tremendous pagkakalat!!!

May Nerve talaga silang ipamukha sa atin na matalino at well informed si Madumb..Hoy! baka ma Electric Current kayo

True, every time they claim dapat is Leni because “Matalino and etc.”, they lost me after they say “Matalino”. Eh nasaan ang talino nya, wala ako makita kahit katiting…. hahaha

Ako talaga, I can ignore her “katalinuhan” pero yung palitawin ng team nya na incompetent ang gobyerno at mas magaling si Mama, yun talaga ang nakaka-hit ng nerve e. They’re trying too hard to make her look smart and then she starts talking….

This netizen walked out of his way to defend Erap.


in fairness to Erap he is actually proficient in english speaking, erap english is just a product of movie script which is turned to be his vehicle used in political arena naging malapit siya sa puso ng masa,. Erap is streetsmart, although college drop out he is smarter than Leni, I think.


Source: MJ Quiambao Reyes