Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Be better than great, Bongbong - Netizen's message to BBM after watching video of supporters braving heavy downpour during BBM-Sara rally


The sight of supporters braving the heavy downpour in one of BBM-Sara campaign rallies has left some netizens in awe, including Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu.


In a Facebook post, Chu wrote she is hoping to the high heavens that BBM works very hard as the next President to deserve the love and devotion his supporters have showered him in his campaign sorties. She also hope BBM deserves the broken family relationships and friendships that have turned sour because of the election.

Chu said that if BBM can surpass his father the better and she hope he does because many people have invested so much in him only to be disappointed in the end because he failed to meet the high hopes and expectations of his many supporters.

Chu talked about how PRRD worked so hard to be worthy of her support and the millions of DDS and now near the end of PRRD’s term, she can tell anyone to their faces that all the “bardagulan” (social media verbal war) she did defending PRRD was worth it.

Chu ended the FB post with the message for BBM -be better than great because of his supporters have walked the extra mile for him, like braving the heavy downpour to show him their support.

You may now read Chu’s original FB post below.

Even with the heavy downpour, as soon as BBM came out, people started rushing back to the area.

Since his win is imminent, I just hope to high heavens that BBM works very hard to deserve this love and devotion his supporters have given to him. I hope he really deserves their love and faith and support. I hope he deserves the friendships ended and the family ties severed because of the elections.

Kung kaya nya maging better sa Tatay nya I hope he does because these people who’ve put their faith in him have invested so much in him.

I am grateful to PRRD because he worked so hard to be worth our support. Tinatapos ko ang term na ito na kaya ko harapin kahit Sino and look them in the eye and say, “oh Ano, see? E di tama ako.” I’m very grateful di ako napahiya sa lahat ng bardagulan ko. Everything was worth it.

I hope that BBM delivers, for the sake of these people who, literally come hell or high water, have turned up for him. Sana by 2028 kayang sabihin ng supporters nya ang kayang sabihin ko sa lahat ng inaway ko.

Be better than great, Bongbong. So many of your supporters have gone the extra mile for you.



Source: Krizette Laureta Chu