Thursday, March 31, 2022

Veteran movie director on reports Leni Robredo consistently topping campus surveys - Parang niloloko lang nila ang kanilang sarili


On Leni Robredo trumping up rivals in campus surveys, award-winning movie director and actor Manuel Castaneda made a comment that left his social media followers amused.


Here’s the brief FB post of Direk Manny that left his followers in stitches.

I’ve noticed that some pro Robredo schools/universities have conducted surveys within their campus with Robredo winning against all other presidential candidates. That’s great if she’s running for president of their PTA or Student Council but utterly irrelevant as a presidential candidate of the the republic. Parang niloloko lang nila ang kanilang sarili.

Below are the interesting comments of netizens to Direk Manny’s FB post.

Netizen #1 commented that the Kakampinks are just making a fool of themselves.

Niloloko talaga sarili nila, direk.Umaasa ng wagas!

Netizen #2 fact-checked Direk Manny’s statement but as a friend.

Direk…wala na yata PTA sa high school nalang..hehe

Netizen #3 shared her observation with regards to university polls.

Actually, university polls have historically been a reliable predictor of who’s NOT going to win. The demographics are too homogenous, at least with respect to world view/ideology.

Netizen #4 commented that these same students who are Leni supporters actually believe they are smarter than their parents and grandparents, ergo they can dictate who to vote for as President.

Yes, and these students actually believe that they know more than their parents and grandparents. And they have not even graduated from the university yet. These are the people who, 10 years from today, will get themselves so fiercely bitch-slapped when they see what it is like out in the real world. And they would say to themselves, God, what twits we were! The effing idiots are not even grateful for what they are enjoying today because of what the present administration has done for the nation.


To which Direk Manny replied: that is exactly what i feel now after being active in student protests during my high school years. I was such a gullible idiot back then and making up for my mistakes now.


Source: Manuel Castaneda