Thursday, March 31, 2022

Yorme Isko's "kahit ibenta ko lahat" response amid criticism of the sale of Divisoria Public Market draws more flak from netizens


Yorme Isko is not doing great in different surveys among Presidential hopefuls. In fact he is running third behind BBM and Leni.


With news of the sale of the Divisoria Public Market by Yorme Isko and allegations of anomaly in social media groups, definitely his numbers in the poll surveys will either go down or remain unaffected. Definitely, this negative news isn’t helping Yorme Isko’s cause.

And Yorme Isko’s promise to collect the Marcoses P203B estate tax if he becomes President did not sit well with BBM supporters who are now twice enthusiastic to continue talking about the sale of the Divisoria Public Market, knowing it will not make Yorme Isko look good before the bar of public opinion.

Below is the FB post of US-based Bicolano accountant Edwin Jamora, a BBM supporter, questioning Yorme Isko’s decision to sell the Divisioria Public Market when it was the proverbial goose that lays the golden eggs for the City of manila.

This guy, walang alam, kung magbenta ng government properties wherein pwedeng gawing revenue maker para bumuhos ang kaperahan gamit ang government properties. Ang simple explanation nga eh, bakit mo titigbakin ang goose that lays the golden eggs? Mas importante talaga sa ibang tao ang komisyon!

Yung walang pakinabang sa kanya, siguro may isang investor out there na may talento kung paano mapapakinabangan ng gobyerno ang isang property para kumita pa ng taxes!



Netizens who’ve read Edwin Jamora’s FB post jumped in to express their opinion on the issue.

Netizen #1 said found Yorme Isko’s action not surprising because people like him with trashy brain have this mentality.

Ganun talaga yang mga utak basura… Kung anong pwedi mapagkakitaan i benta. We dont need those kind of leaders.

Netizen #2 said Yorme Isko reminds her of FVR.

He is following the foot steps of FVR who sold the national steel corporation in Iligan city ( the largest steel plant in Asia during that time)

Netizen #3 joked that Yorme Isko is somebody who needs to be emulated. Pretentious and selfish inside.

Yan dapat tularan! Mapagkunyari inside makasarili! That’s greed nd selfishness! Lahat ginagawa maabot lmg tugatog ng kanyang buhay! From mayor to president? Jan bumagsak c satanas pangalan dati Lucifer!


Source: Edwin Jamora