Friday, April 1, 2022

Netizen responds to Kakampink who questioned Sara Duterte's achievements: Kumusta dyan sa City mo, naka underground cable na ba?


A Kakampink supporter who questioned Sara Duterte’s achievements as Mayor other than the punching incident with the Sheriff is in for a rude awakening after a staunch Duterte supporter caught on to his FB post.


The Kakampink’s FB post did not sit well with the self-proclaimed “Queen of Bardagulan” who was apparently pissed that someone has the audacity to question Sara Duterte’s achievements as Mayor of Davao City, hence also questioning what made her Sara thinks she is ready to run for a national position and vice president at that in her first try.

Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu isn’t pleased how the Kakampink supporter framed his question it is as if he is trying to make it appear it’s Sara’s fault he is ignorant of the Davao City mayor’s achievements because they don’t know how to research.

Chu went on to enumerate Sara Duterte’s achievements as Davao City mayor.

Foremost of which is – Sara is leaving Davao City debt-free. Not only that, Davao City is in the top 10 richest city in the Philippines under her term. Take note: Sara have done this at the time of pandemic. Chu urged the Kakampink supporter to ask Yorme Isko how hard it is to achieve a debt-free city.

If I may add, the City of Manila has acquired billions of debt because Yorme Isko decided to build several infrastructure projects for the city before stepping down to seek a higher office like the Tondominium projects, a huge public hospital and school buildings for Manilenos, etc..

Chu ended the FB post by warning the Kakampink supporters to spare Sara Duterte or else the DDS will retaliate and put Sara and Leni’s achievements side by side and they will see that Leni’s achievements is only fit to run for SK Chairman.

Kasalanan pa ni Sara na di kayo marunong mag research. Mga Lutang Anak.

Sara lang naman is leaving Davao City not just debt free—ask any Mayor, ask Isko for example how hard this is—but leaving it as 8th or 9th richest city in the Philippines. Two notches higher than when PRRD left. During the time of pandemic ha. Some cities in the PH are rich but have debt.

She’s also very techy, having partnered with IBM, they even have robots detecting bombs or something like that, and also she expanded the underground cabling of her city.

For you to have underground cabling you have to make sure to meet not just technical requirements but also traffic management and urban planning. In short Kumusta dyan sa City mo, naka underground cable na ba?


Wag si Inday Sara kasi Baka Pag Tinabi yung “achievements” kuno ng lawyer nyo sa lawyer namin Baka isipin nyong pang SK CHAIRMAN lang yung sa inyo. No offense to SK CHAIRMAN.


Source: Krizette Laureta Chu