Friday, April 1, 2022

Kung tatakbo bilang pangulo, kahit paano dapat may working knowledge ng saligang batas - Lawyer to Presidential aspirant


Manny Pacquiao’s amateurish attempt to use Martial Law to scare and dissuade Pinoy voters to vote for BBM as President has backfired.


On that note, Atty. Ahmed of the Luminous chided Senator Pacquiao, saying that somebody who is running for President, he should at least possess a working knowledge about our Constitution.

Atty. Ahmed lectured Senator Pacquiao that the basis to declare martial law is stated specifically in Sec. 18 Art. VII of the Cory Constitution.

Atty. Ahmed also pointed out to Senator Pacquiao the safeguards to prevent another Marcos-type of Martial Law such as the existence of rebellion and lawless violence before martial law can be declared. After the declaration of martial law, the President must report to Congress. The Congress have the power to revoke Martial law if they deemed there was no basis for declaring such.

Atty. Ahmed remarked that despite the apprehension of Cory’s men regarding Martial law, they still included it in the Cory Constitution because this is the only way to protect the State.

You may now read Atty. Ahmed’s original FB post below.

Kung tatakbo bilang pangulo, kahit paano dapat may working knowledge ng saligang batas.

Sen. Manny, andun po yung basehan ng pagdedeklara ng martial law, specifically sa Sec 18 Art. VII. Itong probisyon na ito, ayon sa sanaysay sa Official Gazette ay ginawa precisely para hindi na daw maulit ang deklarasyong tulad ng kay Presidente Marcos nuong 1972.

Kailangan po may rebelyon o laganap na lawless violence. Matapos ang deklarasyon kailangan mag report ang pangulo sa Kongreso. Ang Kongreso naman, maaaring i-revoke ang deklarasyon.

Talaga pong never again to the Ferdinand Marcos type of martial law kasi dati walang ganitong nakalagay sa saligang batas. In fact, walang banggit ng martial law sa 1935 constitution. Si dating senador Juan Ponce Enrile po ang gumawa ng legal justification nuon.


Nguni’t kahit ang feeling ng mga opisyales ni Presidente Cory na pasong paso sila sa martial law nuon, nilagay pa rin nila ito sa saligang batas dahil isa itong paraan para protektahan ang estado.

Ayaw ninyong protektahan ang estado kapag namemeligro ito?


Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan